Bistro Alegria, snails (photo by SZ)

At the place you would expect the most, in a residential building in Zagreb Vrbani but overlooking Jarun, the French Nadege Pache Tihava, born in Toulouse, with his wife Alen opened family and dog friendly bistro Joy.

In addition to the unexpected position, another surprise is a menu that, apart from a few French - for southern France, recognizable dishes in which sopan ducks have the main word - in this joy (alegria) filled with points on the Zagreb gastronomic map, the chefs from the first day flirt with the other kitchens, and besides the local bean spoon, both Italian specialties and those with oriental flavor are offered.

Both spouses gained hospitality experience at cruisers (Alen continues to sail), and Nadega has completed a hospitality school, so she is not surprised pačji confit coming out of the kitchen simply - great! The surgeon with the smile reveals that the chest breasts are mostly purchased from Hungary, which has only the permission to breed (with the license for that in the EU), but it is therefore a preparation technique (regardless of whether it is white meat, intestines or wings) based on cooking in the fat of any origin or possibly extra virgin olive oil at low temperature brought to perfection! Cooking at a lower temperature requires a longer preparation time for a few hours, but fat in this form does not need to be afraid: cholesterol is not a problem because in this process the liver is resting (but waiting for a few wine sips) - no carbohydrate or starch processing, and most calories disappear when digested in the stomach.

Alegria 00
Bistro Alegria, puževiiiiii (photo by SZ)

With a duck in a hundred ways, you love it snailsyou should never skip them. As they collaborate with OPGs, all the other foods, primarily the vegetables, are fresh and you will really feel eaten tomato or a green salad and not a colored styrofoam ... Bake, sour cream, bread ..., do not miss your hand at hand in olive oil from one of the oldest olive groves in Penta Lun.

French breakfast (Croque Madame / Monsieur) still has - but you have to check with the hosts because sometimes simple dissapear, but you can still enjoy it foie gras and smoked pork or pork rilletteu. Of course, French cuisine can not be without specialty southeast France, Landaise salads: smoked chickens, pacifiers and poppy nuts that are confined by the confectionery in the flesh of fibrous muscle tissues of the digestive tract, into perfectly soft pieces of meat that are abundantly plucked by the estragon dressing is rich enough that you would like to share it with your hedonistic ribbon with the escort - if you naturally take ...

Bistro Alegria, a weekly menu (photo by @Facebook Alegria)

Alegria is actually quartz bistro with two terraces, water pots for your four-legged pets, and kids have fun to play. You will come to couples who came to coffee and stuck in some unusual gin toner (excellent gin from private neighborhood distilleries) and some tapas, pies or quiche with a glass of wine, but also a team that came to dinner with several slides. They will be ready for a few days new gin tonic combination, we will only find some additives: coriander, lavender, orange, sage, and with each ingredient discovered by Nadege, a suitable snack-maker will be served. Saturday is a live play, more jazz - more blacks ...

The wine map has fifty labels: there are French, Croatian and Portuguese and Italian wines, many of them can be ordered in a cup, and are currently awaiting the recently introduced Pušipela on Urban in a new, distinctive bottle. With a solid and varied selection of wines - Nadega loves rum and rumor can not be regretted by the crab pirates, but with the aforementioned gin combination, Alegria has a great selection of whiskey, natural, raspberry juices and smoothiea, and not even my cocktails are unknowing.

As well as Nadegini kids adore sweetly, according to their choice on the menu is perfect ferrero cake ("Gluten free, but not calorie free", with laughter commented Nadege), and a spring-summer hit: acid-sweet apple cake of raspberry.

The interior is a blend of industrial design with lamps that Nadege designed and crafted itself, and the main wall adorns the mural of her friend and artist Patricia Aguera Marina which reminds us of the final scenes from the film every time The Wall Pink Floyd, so if you do not find a place on the terraces in these hot days, you will feel comfortable in the interior too.

Alegria 17
Bistro Alegria, interior (photo by SZ)

Alegria is a place where everyone can find something for themselves, regardless of the time of year but also the year, because winter guests enjoy sunblocking by drinking coffee or tea on the terrace wrapped in jugs overlooking Lake Jarun.

Maybe the nearest a cafe where everyone knows your name, but here you can (somewhat) eat. This is something you take with great care because abundant portions guarantee rolling to the means of transport - it was a whip pet on two or four wheels!

For the rest, we asked Nadege what she would recommend and this is her choice: for a low start pacifier or refreshing goat cheese salad with bacon, peas, menta and young onions with a little olive oil and garlic served with homemade sour cream. It recommended the apple prawns shelled below which the flesh is the weakest, flamboyant Pastis, and then add a parsley sauce, garlic with a little cream served with thin rice. As we are still in the bistro, nobody will blame you if you knead them with your fingers. The main course of course, chicken breast in orange sauce i demi glaceom from the duck, with carrots and a little orange juice. For the end, apple cake of raspberry and of course - a glass rum!

Bon appetit!