Wine Krauthaker was awarded the DWWA 2018 competition

Krauthaker Vineyards are located on the 45,3 ° parallel, on the same westward there are very well known wine-growing areas: Istria, Piedmont, Val du Rhone, Bordeaux and Oregon. Vlado and his associates, rich in experience and knowledge, with the desire to experiment, but also by returning the centuries-old techniques of viticulture and wine making, each wine, as a magic stick, adds a sensation of taste, color and smell.

Krauthaker Winery, logo
Krauthaker Winery, logo

So it's no surprise that this year Krauthaker winery was delighted by the scouting at the biggest and most prestigious world contest - the Decanter World Wine Awards 2018, and from London home brought up to seven medals: two golden and five bronze. Decanter is one of the most prestigious wine competitions in the world, and a strong competition is also expressed by the fact that this year, 14.000 samples of wine for evaluation have been reported. And our other winemakers were successful this year, so in 119 there was a total of 10 gold medals in Croatia!

For some time, Krauthaker's winery did not report wine to Decanter, and has dedicated more time to revival of old techniques, so land and grape processing work is done as it once was - with horses. "For top quality wine is not just knowledge, will, and experience, it's often crucial to recognize what nature is talking at a given moment," says Vlado, who is from 1992. the owner of Vinogradarstvo and Krauthaker Cellars.

Krauthaker Winery, Mr. Vlado Krauthaker (photo by SZ)

The natural advantages of the Krndija slope, despite the variable microclimate, are still 1232. discovered the Cistertites who founded the Kutjevo settlement, but also developed vineyards and established a basement. Indigenous grain variety with microlocation I see, a little bit or Mitrovac, each for itself, carries the specialty of the location, the climates and the microclimate that governs in that area during the wine year and it is no surprise that, except in regular harvest Krauthaker Graševina collects with vineyards and all other berries - late and elective.

The seven medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards, 2018, are a confirmation of the excellence and quality that Krauthaker winery has cultivated for many years.

Vina Krauthaker Grain from the optional vintage berries 2012 i Krauthaker Kuvlakhe Manzoni 2013, winners are gold medals at this year's Decanter competition.

Krauthaker Graševina is an optional wine grape harvested by 2012, a sweet dessert wine complex and elegant, dense, syrupy, creamy rounded, refined and shows its refinement.

Krauthaker's wine was awarded a gold medal at the DWWA 2018 competition
Krauthaker wines are rewarded with gold

Krauthaker Silkworm Manzoni 2013 was obtained without the addition of sulfite, a traditional Georgian method of longer maceration. Wine is produced in very small quantities.

The bronze medal at this year's Decanter was awarded with wines: Krauthaker Graševina Vidim 2017, Krauthaker Zelenac is a selective vintage of roasted berries 2011, Krauthaker Mercs 2013, Krauthaker Pinot Black 2013 i Krauthaker Graševina Mitrovac 2016.

Graševina festival (photo by SZ)

"We are looking forward to the results we have achieved at this year's Decanter World Wine wards 2018. The medals won by our wines confirm our efforts, efforts and efforts throughout these years. Wine production in our winery is not our business, it is the love we are fully committed to, "says Mr. Vlado Krauthaker.

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Wine Krauthaker was awarded the DWWA 2018 competition