Vinoljupci first day

IMPORTANT: Due to the weather forecast, the festival will be held a week later, 5./6. July!!!

Every year, Zagreb is richer for bar 2-3 new events, and with more and more tourists, the upcoming InMusic has for some time been not the beginning of the season of pickled cucumbers. Winelovers' Street a wine festival in Kurelcheva street in the direction of the club wine lovers and main organizer Irena Lucic will bring Continental continental Croatia on Thursday, 5.7., and a day later, masterminds from the sea: Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.

Without good snacks between the wineskins (or vice versa), so many times, live songs with which you can dance can not be good vibrations. OK, Beach Boysies have been retiring for a while, but come check the atmosphere in the alley just fifty yards from the main city square.
Both festival days will be wasted with the products Dramatic with signature: Hard cheese Arhiva, Half-baked cheese Zabreg, scallops, smoked cheese Zlatka and scallops.

As the list (and description) resists, we announce today first day, and tomorrow we continue with the second day schedule open air wine festival in Winelovers' Street in Zagreb.

Thursday, 5.7. wines of continental Croatia

Bright Dvori
Winelovers' Street, among others, will be attended by a winery on Thursdays Bright courtyards from the well-known Baranja ethno village Karanac, which nurtures the tradition of wine production for several centuries. The vineyard name originates from the time of Hungarian rule as Vilagos var, which translates into Bright Lights. The yard is gone, because it is unfortunately demolished, but the basement was retained (gator) which is actually a well, and a unique monument milestone from 1846. the year of which the colonel of the Austro-Hungarian Army commanded. Along the vineyard passes the Turkish road, the former Roman road that went from Batina to Belo Monastery, which was restored by the Turkish invaders, so that among the Baranja, the Turkish road was remembered.
Along with an old-fashioned cellar and a rustic ambience, the recently opened Tasting Room has been opened, and a wine shop where you can try and buy Decanter's silver for 2018. year rewarded Selection of Grape Harvest 2015.
In Kurelce you can try their four labels: Rose (2017), Chardonnay (2017), Graševina (2017), Graševina premium (2017).

Bright courtyards
Bright Dvori (photo by Facebook @kusaonicasvijetlidvori)

Kutjevo Winery
And Kutjevo winery picked up the medal on Decanter: their new premium wine Maximo Oro berries 2016 - he won the bronze. It is a top-of-the-line cuvée, yellow in color and greenish look, rounded and harmonious varieties of aroma that delimits discrete minerality. The tune of taste reveals a harmonious and comfortable body of refreshing acids.
You know less about Kutjevo, and if you miss something, go to the stand: you will be sure to get answers to all the questions ...
With Maximo Oro, we will also try their top quality grain (2017), Maximo brut sparkling wine (2016), Pinot nero De Gotho (2015) and Kutjevo roses (2017)!

Kutjevo (photo by Facebook @Kutjevo)

Kurija Budinšćak 1869
Still at the end of 19. century, Mijo Budinšćak - a longtime Mayor of St. John, a wine merchant and a wine cellar whose talents were appreciated by many wine lovers, both restaurant owners and birtijaša, gentlemen and ordinary people from Zagreb and Karlovac through Slovenia continue to achieve remarkable results by producing table and table wines of high quality. On the peaceful hillocks of Malunji at the foot of Japetić, in the sacred vineyard, they succeed like a Portugueseman, a hunter, a Franconian, a kingdom, a spit, a grain and a yellow mule. From the grape varieties the yellow male with some other varieties produces the wine which gives it the name Muscat whose name has been kept in the family over 100 years. The only difference is that today is the foundation musket otonel, and not male yellow.
Interestingly, the winner of the Gold diploma was 1928. at the first exhibition and wine fair in Zagreb. His love of wine and knowledge is passed on to the descendants, especially the grandson of Janko, and he continues to go to the sons of Velimir and Mladen. Today the tradition of wine production continues with Ratimir and Zvonimir Budinšćak.
From 1992. year produce and sell wine in a bottle with its own label and a label of controlled origin, and the label is depicted by the image of the curia, the work of an academic painter and a great friend of the family of Mr. Josip Resteka.
The Winelovers' Street Festival will be presented to us by Silvanac Zeleni (2016), Silvanac zeleni (2015), Muškatel, which consists of musket ottonel, graševina, šipelj, kraljevina (2015) Muscat (2003).

Kurija Budinscak
Kurija Budinšćak (photo by Facebook @ kurija.budinscak)

Vina Kunčić
At literally the last meters of northwestern Croatia, in the place Banfi, where the border with Slovenia passes through the yard and the house of the family Kunčić, located the wine cellar. From the terrace of their wineries the view is shot at Slovenian Pomurje and Hungary. Continuous investment and training led to the production of excellent quality wines, and will be presented with five labels: Pušipel (2016), Yellow Musk (2017), Sauvignon (2017), Peach Riesling (2016) and Graševina (2017).
We are particularly interested in this PUŠIPEL, a wine of autochthonous varieties that penetrates the market - be sure to try this long, slightly acidic wine with strong floral and fruity aromas, especially green apples.

Vina Kuncic
Vina Kunčić (photo by Facebook @VinaKuncic)

Winery Bartolović
In the Papuk Nature Park, the Bartolović winery is located in the heart of the Golden Valley of Požega. Its vineyards extend to the 9 ha (and 9 ha in cooperation with subcontractors). Combining tradition and modern technologies with great attention and love for grapes and wines, Bartolovici produces high quality wines, an enviable number of different labels.
At the Winelovers' Street Festival we will have the opportunity to taste up to eight labels: Graševina (2017), Kaptol graševina (2017), Chardonnay (2017), Cabernet sauvignon (2016), Pinot black (2012), Kaptol black (2012) berry.
We are most happy Captola black, merlot berry, syraha and cabarnet sauvignon whose specialty is that they are planted on the stone soil of some 400 m over the sea, and the sur lying method of maturation in barrique barrels gives it a powerful body with a complex aroma.

Winery Bartolovic
Winery Bartolović (photo by Facebook @Krunoslav winery Bartolović)

Wine vinegar
In the heart of the white Zagorje, on Hršak bregu - the grandfather of the Petrač family - is the top terroir for black bordeaux varieties. The real Zagorci, the Petrači knew what they were going to do when they decided to round off a small family vineyard at the bar 10 ha in the beginning, because every Zagorje wine grower would normally spend only half a day on a tour of their tiny muddy scattered vineyards and stories of their stubbornness , especially when it comes to land and frontiers they are not too big - the author of this text with three family side purgers, but one, stubborn Zagorec takes on a bit of the lead ...
Yet they succeed!
Today, there is a unique parcel about 40.000 chocotas, most of which are debris on a unique bran that is traditionally grown on these terrain: Guyot. However, 2003. and 2004. Petrač's decided to plant the red Bordeaux grape variety with which he achieved considerable success at international and local competitions and today these varieties are recommended to be planted not only in Zabok but also in Zagorje. Petračevi have planted 22.000 choco cabernet sauvignon and 4.000 chocolates merlot! Green harvest in the late autumn means a smaller yield, but it guarantees the quality of the future characteristics of the Zagorje territory, allowing the berries to retain the vital acid and grapes mature evenly and completely.
The grape route from the vineyard to the cellar passes through a natural fall, in accordance with gravity: from the separation of grapes from the petioles and the multi-day maceration on the mulch, till the distillation of the wine in the silence of the lowest level of the modern basement with a capacity of greater than 200.000 liters in which wine is kept and kept until the moment when they are ready for the market. The emphasis is placed on the preservation of primary varieties of aroma, which makes the fermentation temperature controlled. All wines pass through controlled maceration, while black necessarily passes malolactic fermentation and partially degrade in large barrels of Slavonian oak of the volume of 2.000 liters, and partly in barrique French oak barrels (Allier).
Winelovers' Street Festival brings us four labels: Cuvee Charisma (2016), Graševina (2017), BregH rose champagne, and BregH Chardonnay champagne.
We complained about it BregH, produced from chardonnaya, a classic, champagne method of boiling in bottles. Degraded after 30's mildew on leaven and achieving elegant creams, fascinates with fruity aromas and freshness, which rounds off a mature note of timely harvest.

winery Petrac
Petrač Winery (photo by Facebook @PetrachWinery)

All the vineyards he has the glass is always half full, perhaps the shortest, but certainly najvinorodnija the Zagreb Street at the end of next week will be the main destination in the city! Arrival required!