Vinoljupci the second day

IMPORTANT: Due to the weather forecast, the festival will be held a week later, 5./6. July!!!

Every year, Zagreb is richer for bar 2-3 new events, and with more and more tourists, the upcoming InMusic has for some time been not the beginning of the season of pickled cucumbers. Winelovers' Street a wine festival in Kurelcheva street in the direction of the club wine lovers and the main organizer Irene Lučić will bring continental Croatia's winemakers on Thursday, 5.7, and the day later 6.7. master from the sea: Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.

Without good snacks between the wineskins (or vice versa), so many times, live songs with which you can dance can not be good vibrations. OK, Beach Boysies have been retiring for a while, but come check the atmosphere in the alley just fifty yards from the main city square.
Both festival days will be wasted with the products Dramatic with signature: Hard cheese Arhiva, Half-baked cheese Zabreg, scallops, smoked cheese Zlatka and scallops.

As the list (and description) resists, we announce today second day, and yesterday we announced the schedule of the first day of the open air wine festival in Zagreb Winelovers' Street.

Friday, 6.7., Wine of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia

Vina Zigante
Although the majority will think of truffles mentioning Zigante's surname, the second day of Winelovers' festival will be presented for the first time by Vina Zigante. Until recently, wine was produced only for home, and in bulk could be found in the Italian market, mostly home wine in restaurants. The eighteen-year tradition of winemaking has continued with the use of knowledge and modern technology and thanks to the favorable microclimate and the love of vineyards and wines, the wines of the cultivated grapes are drenched and nourished in their own cellar capacities and full of bottles with their own label and slowly penetrate the market.
From the beautiful Istra Vina Zigante they bring their four labels: Istrian Malvasia (2016), Sparkling Brut (2015), Rose Castagna (2016) and Terano S. Stefano (2014). Our recommendation Terano S. Stefano, a wine of moderate alcohol and light tannins, a beautiful ruby ​​red color which, when circling, gives violet tones and fruity aromas of cherries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries

Zigante wines
Vina Zigante (photo by Facebook @ Vina Zigante)

Wines and Liqueurs Fiolić
Fiolić Family from Zadar is one representative garage wineskins who are 2006. started the production of wine in the modest and charming cellar of his family home. Initially, these were small quantities of wine exclusively for personal needs. However, enthusiasm, desire and love for winemaking, and numerous successes in wine competitions led to 2016. they founded a winery and started professional investments and increased their production.
At the Winelovers' Street Festival we will have the opportunity to taste their trumpet 3M: Maraština (2017) and Malvazija (2017), and we are especially happy with the liquor from Maraš, the winner of numerous awards and prizes!
Maraška is an old Croatian autochthonous variety or subtype of cherry most commonly found in Ravni kotar. Strong aromas, high quality fruit and high concentration of dry matter are most commonly used in liqueur production, and Fiolić's manual production continues tradition, so it's no surprise that their liqueur is excellent as an aperitif, but also the ingredients of cocktails because it is balanced alcohol, sugar and acid.

Wines and Liqueurs Fiolic
Wines and liqueurs Fiolić (photo by Facebook @vinailikerifiolic)

Vina Angels
Angelic wines from central Istria were delighted at last year's Winelovers' Street. How would not it be when vineyards and wine were for centuries a part of the culture and life of the inhabitants of central Istria, and so also Velan's Brijeg and the families Velan and Angels. Vineyards on the surface of 14 ha are at the highest altitude in Istria, and their qualities are the difference of soil, position and exposure, which in combination with unrivaled love for viniculture and wines ends with top grape berries. And without good grapes, there is no good (in their case - top-quality) wine. Within the cellar where Ranko Anđelini started his first experiments and fell in love with wine, a tasting room was recently opened.
This year's winners Decanter's gold for black cuvée cabernet sauvignon and merlot Domenico - which the name carries on the future winery successor, son of Dominic - was for a year in barrique barrels, with a dark ruby ​​color. Be sure to decant it to make notes like pepper, pepper, berry fruit and vanilla. The Angels will present their Pazin Malvasia (2016), Malvazija Istarska (2015), the Chardonnaya and Malvazija Magdalena (2016), Rose (2016) and Merlot (2015).

Vina Andjelini
Vina Anđelini (photo by Facebook @andjelini)

Jurica wine
Their wines from Peljesac had a chance to meet in a recent presentation at Basement. The owner of the Jurica wine Ivo Violić and his family have been working for about twenty years with the production of wine in the old plantations between 40 and 50 years. The recently held event of the Wines of their time Dingač - Plavac mali crni from 2015. was declared a champion in the category of red wines of the region of Primorje Croatia, and as their wines can not be found in Zagreb, do not miss this opportunity if you Fula Basement.
At the Winelovers' Street Festival, we will present the Plavac small selection (2016), Dingač (2015), Dingač Essenza (2013) and Dessert vino - rukatac (2017).

wine Jurica
Vina Jurica (photo by Julio Frangen, Facebook @Vinoljubci)

PZ Putnikovići
Small hands of the co-workers in Putnikovi have joined 1911 again. year as mutual coffers to help the cooperative today be a significant economic entity of the central part of Pelješac. Since viticulture and viticulture are the many-yearly existential jobs of the majority of the inhabitants of the peninsula, these are also the basic activities of the co-operative that has the oilfield and, among other things, deals with tourism activities. Branches grow grapes in their vineyards, and processing, finishing, filling wine into bottles and placing on the market are done through a co-operative. Winery built 1965. year, as well as the filling station, has vinification technology, as well as refining and filling in bottles as well as warehouse spaces. It is filled annually with 500.000 bottle, and a large portion of the wine is plated into bulk. The former Co-operative Home is planning to re-design the Wine Museum, where we will surely feel the scents of southern Dalmatia.
In Zagreb we will be presented with five labels: Maraština (2016), Rose (2017), Pelješac (2016), Lirica (2011) and cuvée Dubrovnik (2015). With Libertas (which unfortunately we will not have a chance to try), another wine that is proud of it The song from 2011. year-old, a top-quality red wine with a dark red ruby, full and harmonious taste, a grape variety of grapes from the southern slopes of Žuljana.

PZ Putnikovici
Poljoprivredna Zadruga Putniković (photo by Facebook @Poljoprivredna Zadruga Putniković)

Sagul wines
Another younger winery, Darko Violić and his family, received a serious job and the position of Sagul - which is a Latin name for a locality located in the central part of Peljesac, which they know as Zaguine - mostly blueberries and rocket and produce better and better wines . In its cellar, Kuna produces and cares for 4 labels, of which we specially mention Sagul Selection: top quality wine, characteristic dark ruby ​​color, created from the discarded grape of a little blue from the sandy slopes of Zaguina. By setting in oak barrels, this blonde received a mild wood note, dark chocolate vanilla, skin and coffee, and was surprised by the mildness of the trumpet.
At the Winelovers' Street Festival, apart from the aforementioned Sagul Selection, he will present us with his other labels: Sagul plavac mali, Sagul rose and Sagul rocket. As a surprise, you will be able to taste on their stand and the rookie Monte Christo of another young Peljesac winery Totić.

Sagul plavac mali
Sagul selection plavac mali (photo by Facebook @vinaviolic)

All the vineyards he has the glass is always half full, perhaps the shortest, but certainly najvinorodnija the Zagreb Street at the end of next week will be the main destination in the city! Arrival required!