How it usually happens in Zagreb, or nothing happens or a few wrinkles happen in the same week. Along with the already announced WineStreet 'Lovers' Vinyl Festival, this Wednesday, 4. July to Sunday 8.7. at the Trešnjevački plac of 19 hours - when the rubber band is clearing its bench - the paycheck will be transformed into a place of good vibes, offering excellent food and drinks and a great musical.

Plac Mljac, a project with the scent and taste of the team from the GAD PRODUKTION agency we know through the Creative Zagreb Yard will enliven a few days in the evening 88 years old Trešnjevački plac, which looks ghastly when you come back from the concert or some of the plays at the Dom Sport. One of the most beautiful marketplaces that you recognize with a few meters and greet you with the "What is Sused, what you are cooking today?" Will become, at least for a couple of days, a nightclub filled with scents, tastes, colors and summer sounds. And that's not all summer: who need pines, crickets, sea and screams of gulls when you can enjoy the indigenous specialties as well as the Venezuelan delicacies, palaces, kobayama and the razor galleries ...

At some stands there will be a regular bidding so you can first go for a spit, then have fun with the team with a good clove and a great mug. That's right Njupalica chef Martina Karabajić to Plac Mljac bring A broken pussy which 12 hours were smoked in BarBaQ smoking, Tostadose with the finest guacamole sauce and puretine, A little burger s dry age beef. Beige The kobaye, top quality handmade sausages with saffron sauce and truffle gourmet fun would not be complete. Meat the King! has provided quality meat to Martina, so we do not suspect that the order of Reindeer would be time-consuming.

If you are for something easier, the team from Old presses, a rural household from Šenkovac will offer you cheese and sour cream, štrukle, turkey z mlincima i a homemade bun. Still faded with egg, milk and potatoes and we have all the ingredients of a kayak soup.

It would not be boring that the gladius would be boring, Arepa Croatia will present Venezuelan specialty Arepa in a few combinations, and will be succulent Patty. Arepa is not a tortilla, nor is bread: a corn bun (prepared from a special corn flour - masarepae) from the outside crunchy, from inside the soft, spicy and delightful taste can be combined with almost every dish. If you have not tried yet - do not miss it, and those who know what they are doing will surely stand in front of the booth of cheerful hosts from Venezuela.

It will also be sweet: Milky palace offers you the option of slimming balls of your choice, and if you can keep up and not eat it before taking photos and climbing on Instagram - every honor!

You miss that day, because it's all five days free, and nightcases will work up to 22 hours!

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