Haustor Haus, burger (photo by SZ)

Charming bistro Haustor Haus closer than the School Book in Masaryk Street on 26, across the street from the former cult Zvecka opened from spring and in Headyoung and ambitious Lovro Smetiško.

Unlike most others chefs who are currently ruling homemade kitchens, Smetique is a chef with a Bachelor's Degree in Cooking at the prestigious London Culinary School Le Cordon Bleu, hotel management at Hotel Institute Montreux in Switzerland and at Hotelschool The Hague in the Netherlands.
"If I did not hurt my knee in Thai boxing, maybe there would not be anything else" - laughs begin with the story of a graduate chef and a confectioner. Except for European restaurants, the experience was collected by working as a maid, a receptionist ... and at 16 hours a day, and then decided to return to Zagreb and open their own restaurant.

It tends to stick to the concept from farm to table and therefore he does it to me only when he sees what is available from food. They cooperate with OPGs and promote them on social networks - "Without the quality of food you can be the best chef in the world, but the food will not be sensational," says Smetiško, whose philosophy is that eating has to be fine and nutritious. OPG Soline supplies them with salads and vegetables, from the mill in Slunja they take the balls and smoked salmon ..., are looking for two or three OPGs to round up the story of the foods.

"Kuham what's fine and I keep that," continues the young chef, and when asked about the team, Smetiško sincerely answers: "The chefs are learning and we are still going, but there is no compromise: dishes that come out of the kitchen have to be great and if something is wrong - not coming out of the kitchen. And this is all new to me, although I have some experience, but I have to work and cook. We are currently operating at 80's percent, our goal is to fully reach the fall and become a place known for good food and affordable prices. "
In addition to the solid bait in the crib, everything else was perfectly prepared and fine, the dishes cost between 20 and 90 kunas (premium dinner up to 140 kunas), and wine glasses are between 15 and 35 kunas - looks like Haustor Haus on the best way achieve the stipulated.

There is no breakfast in the summer, so eggs Benedict you will not be eaten in Haustor for some time, but that's why various variations are available smoothiea which guys are diligently preparing every day.

For lunch, chef Smetiško and his team offer classic clean food from fresh foods without much philosophizing: a good example is tail bushes in the crib with a fish foundry and a reduced balsamic octum with plain batat and plain potatoes and several diced San Marzano tomatoes.

Tomato juice is just perfect: blended fresh vegetables (thermo mix), without fillet (soup is stuffed with little carrots) with fried San Marzano tomatoes and carrots, with vegetable foundation and all finished with little bit. Just perfect.

Haustor Haus, tomato soup
Haustor Haus, tomato soup (photo by SZ)

Carbonara of smoked buncek not dry as we expected. "Buncek takes a short time to the pan, and then the chicken is cooked for a few hours and eventually added a little bow. The secret is in a homemade bacon that I work with a clove, a lemon, a bow (all infused). Carefully squeeze the meal and flour on the milk, then mix everything (one should be cold, another warm). One part of the mixture is separated and the egg yolk is mixed. In the end, the buncek is mixed with pasta and bean and added a little nutmeg, dried egg yolk, the egg is 36 months old Parmesan cheese and on top of a little peeled tomato with acidic tartar and olive oil for freshness. It's easy! "Reveals Lovro's laugh. Although the buncek is a tough summer food, with the slime of Scratch, nothing left on the plate ...

Haustor Haus, carbonara
Haustor Haus, carbonara (photo by SZ)

Uz bovine cheeks - although it is not a duck season but for the guest search - it also comes back to me duck burger, pacific confit. Classic junks citizen they work from a milled ramstick, infused with bone marrow, and serve it with Italian burratinom with guacamole sauce - a solid, thick and succulent apple makes this burger one of the best in the city. Instead of the salad (you like to put it on the side, because in the burger - the cook) as a contribution comes the chips from batata, and brioche to Kroštula.

Haustor Haus, wicker burger
Haustor Haus, wicker burger (photo by SZ)

Although Smetique has also finished for confectioners, the deserts now only work on special occasions: "The problem is preparing us in the kitchen, so because of the high temperatures, everything I like to do from chocolate has no chance of success. But soon we will expand, so we will solve this problem. "

"We have not segmented dinner yet," continues Smetiško, "but we've prolonged the working hours of the kitchen to the 22 hour because we're doing enough private dining, and in the sequences - along with the lunch offer - can be found lamb rack , oxtail, carpaccio of marinated champignons with truffle cream and parmesan or a good piece Iberian pigs which we usually drizzle in the form of shiny prosciutto. "The boys had the pork meat dry and experiment with under vacuum (food is vacuumed and swallowed in special water baths that keep the temperature) trying to keep all the flavors, color and texture of the meat.

Lovro prefers small wineries and tries to offer wines that are rarely found on wine maps in Zagreb: "I would not want to be part of the mainstream - the song we hit, we will see," Lovro reveals. In collaboration with the team of wine bar Bastion No. 19, on the other side of the street, at Haustor Haus, you can choose from sparkling wines between the glass of Kurtal's Rosé Bruta or the sparkling wine of Anguilla enologist Robert Čamka - simply called Čamak. Of the white wines, otherwise less represented on the list are Malvazija Giulia Ferenc, Ilovecak's Scratch, Kopjarev Rajnski Riesling and Greek OPG Anto Grgurević, whom Lovro especially loves and are listed on his list orange Plavac small gray, Plavac Small Selection and Plavac Mali Grand Cru with exceptional views of Kriva's vineyards on Peljesac. Kosovo Crni pinot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Yellow Muşkat (both under FiaMMa label) from the labyrinth winery San Martino round off - we admit - a brave and unusual wine map.

To the end, Smetique announces Belgian beers, so the pies will come to theirs.

The team goes to the collective of 1.8. to 20.8. So hurry up before you get off at the sea to know why you'll be back in the fall.