Servus sign with signature

purge by deacon - chef Dejan Markus - replaced the manager's office in Belgrade's Palace Hotel in Zagreb for a couple of years, with a vineyard in the very center of town, Dejan opened a unique gastronomic paradise in mid-July Hello! with the offer - knedli.

Markus has been boiling for years with celebrities in the morning culinary show Picture the heart on Belgrade television, but time-lagging and starting to deal with other things. Fortunately, he did not forget to cook and returned to Zagreb's great joy dumplings in Zagreb together with a somewhat forgotten purge of greeting Hello who was replaced by hello!

Knedles are part of a large number of kitchens from these areas and are served as the main dish or as a dessert in Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian, Austrian, German, Hungarian and Czech cuisine, and except potato dough can be made from grated and even old bread.
Knödl recently in Zagreb it was possible to eat during Advent only in the form of Austro-Hungarian delicacies we know as germknödel. But this one mountain hills they work in a completely different way than ordinary knitted and in principle are heavy and vigorous: they are made from dough dough, cooked on parakeets and stuffed with plum jam and poured with melted butter and sprinkled with minced pasta and sugar. Therefore, the fact that Servus Knedle works in the traditional way was particularly pleased with us homemade recipeand: the batter is made only of flour and potatoes, without milk and yeast (barm), The filaju with whole pieces of plum, apricot, raspberry ... "We wanted to see the guest see what the chicken was stuffed - from the beginning it seemed to us that it would be complicated to carry it into action, but when the chef (s) stated that it was easier for them too , and the delicious dessert - we knew we had made a good decision, "explains Markus and goes to the kitchen to prepare a new set of cooking bowls in boiling water.

Servus - signed knedle (photo by SZ)

Carst knedli currently only download sweet versions: we recommend that you start with standard knedlings filled plums (in each 4 half the plums!), continue to the safe favorite of the kids - filled rounds Nutella and hazelnuts, then switch to fruity aromas: raspberry and white chocolate, blackberry and dark chocolate.
For chocolate lovers and crackers, Markus designed it Bounty i Oreo, and leave the drum for the end pity: knedles in which they hide Cherry.

Do not be surprised that Servus knedle is not rigid or in the right shape - every one is done manually and carefully, and the posip (crumble) is specially prepared for each of the knedli on the menu.

Awaiting the return of Zagreb from the sea for the second half of August 5 knedli salted filling: as a mesolink, the most intrigued by us knedla s čvarcima, but also other stuff like kulena and Zdenka cheese, prosciutto with feta cheese, pancetta in steam with dry plum, To spinach with Mozzarella sounds awake.

Except for the already announced salads, Markus reveals that, according to the seasonal offer of fresh foods, they are planning to present a new flavor, so we have already taste the tasty buds on the memorial asparagus, truffles i dried figs.

With special hot chocolate Suavis without gluten and premium hot chocolate on the stick Rajska ptica waiting for colder days, you can now refresh in Servus with lemonade or choose between Teavid's teas and Monte's teas. There are also a dozen quality wines and are also offered on glasses, two sparkling wines, and of course other juices and alcoholic drinks. On the fall in Servus, they are planning to include a craft beer that will fit perfectly with cooked salted beads.

The original knedle with signature at reasonable prices (between 9 and 15 kunas) you can eat at Servus or take home, and for those who do not walk to the city center, it is planned to be delivered. The terrace in the passage of Oktogon is currently occupied by scaffolding, but in front of Servus there are 8 tables, so if you accidentally travel through Oktogon and hear someone greeting you servus!, look around and enter a small pastry shop where you will return to the childhood and the smells of the grandmother's kitchen ...