Vukovarska mikropivovara

A new beginning, the same taste - a message from the company's director K pivovari Tine Puhalo Grladinović (a company owned by Zagreb brewery) since the beginning of this year, a new owner within Vukovar beer, with which a new, modern drive in the business and innovation center BIC-Vukovar is opened, with planned annual production of 5.000 hectoliters of beers annually.

old label
Vukovar beer - the original label

One of the first homemakers Craft more 2009 has begun to produce. when they were with great enthusiasm Nenad Blažev and the famous Hungarian chef of beer Arpad Laurenci prepare a recipe for unpasteurised beer without preservatives. They were proud to point out that beer was produced in a natural way under the Bavarian beer purity law of 1516. years. In a very short time, Vukovar je pivo she became a favorite among brewers, so she was a year later Friendship friends drink proclaimed the best Croatian beer ... and when true drinkers in the liquid food product and experienced breweries make a unanimous decision - a good voice quickly spread and Vukovar he was looking for more and more. The production process in which the process of pasteurization was skipped, with a one-month filter - for which Vukovar's beer and the cult status among breweries - became a problem because of the short duration, the difficult distribution and the small quantities ordered so the production became unprofitable. Along with the logistics - most of the beers were sold in Zagreb, in Vukovar very poor! - and high state subsidies have done theirs and Vukovar's beer disappeared from the scene ...

By taking over Vukovar's beer at the beginning of this year, the company K pivovari also announced the construction of a plant in cooperation with local self-government, and only a few months later, in Vukovar, an operation worth about 11 million kuna was opened, which could be tasted yesterday at the opening freshly cooked Lot by the original recipe. Satisfyingly nodding the heads of the guests confirmed the statement from the beginning of the text: light, unpasteurized and filtered beer with 4,5 percent of alcohol retained the quality, original taste and appearance and can fit beside a relatively new beer brand Grif with which the Zagreb brewery has moved into the world of micro-boats and crafts. What is particularly delighted is that all the ingredients, except the hops that are bought in Slovenia - are Croatian products.

Vukovarska mikropivovara
Vukovarska mikropivovara (photo by SZ)

And with good beer, of course, good food is also going on: Vukovar beer has proven to be equally good with sote Slavonia (pork in vegetable sauce), chicken breast with gnocchi in Iločki traminac, but ipdistinct from soma with a sealed domestic dough in the cheese and overlapping with macaws and nuts for the end.

According to the chairman of the board of Zagrebačka pivovara Brand Njavre, there is great potential in the micropore segment because in the Croatian crafts bakeries occupy less than the 1,5% of the market, while in Western Europe the market share of beer beats between 15 and 20. Apart from the increase in production, the investment has enabled new employment with the possibility of enlargement, which is especially important for Vukovar, because of the youth remaining once one of the richest Croatian cities.

From now on we will no longer be wandering in search of Vukovar beer, because it will be in every one Beertija which he or she keeps to himself, not only in Zagreb, but throughout Croatia!