On the first day of school, mayor Milan Bandic also sent a commemorative message to all citizens; and those without the right to vote in the polls whose summer vacations ended with their parents and other Zagrepans who used their right of choice to choose the same driver for the first time in Zagreb. As a mayor with more years of mandate than they have this year, their public function has not been consumed by teaching them a hypocritical distinction between the sexes, we can transmit his message entirely:
Dear children,
students and students,
respected participants in traffic,
ahead of us is another school year that requires all traffic participants seeking accountability and increased caution. Schools, as well as city roads will live in a different, more dynamic rhythm than in the past, and many of you, more than the 8.000 students of the 1st grade of elementary schools are facing a new challenge because you first encounter school bells, new friends, teachers and a number of new commitments. The way to school and the return home is a special challenge, so I call you for extra caution on the roads and careful monitoring of traffic signs and signaling. And do not ignore the advice of your parents and teachers!
Also, I urge all traffic participants to focus on the youngest traffic participants during the whole and especially at the beginning of the school year so that we can not read them on the pages of black chronicles!
And this school year, City of Zagreb provided 100.000 for its primary school and high school students to provide textbooks to help them acquire new knowledge and skills as quickly and easily as possible.
In addition to teaching and teaching care and in-school school classes, many of you will receive a thoroughly refurbished school with new amenities, playgrounds and equipment.
It is our duty to provide you with quality education and to create the preconditions for the more complete development of your many potential to be able to take responsibility for the future tomorrow for our city and our country.
To all of you, your parents, teachers and teachers, I want a successful beginning of school 2018./2019., Lots of joy and laughter and success in both formal and informal education!

To the traffic participants, as always, I say: Keep our children and young people, our future!