In our club is always a good atmosphere and there is no quarrel. Often someone brings some cakes, so we like to come to meetings and representatives of other assembly clubs. Some people are so fond of us that they stay - cynically explained in a social network a coalition partner Milan Bandic with the bitter SDPs why a member of their respected partner left them recently.
Tamara Čubretović, who was recently elected by the SDPs in Zagreb as vice-president of their city organization, which is less important for the citizens of Zagreb, also carries out the duties of a city representative, which is far more important and interesting to citizens. They chose to vote in the last election on a coalition list that promised them that they would be against Opposition.
Of course, it is a joint list of the SDP and HNS, where the red painters of the Social Democrats mostly represented employees of the city administration and the Zagreb Holding. So, people who are professionally subordinate and dependent on Milan Bandic. How much opposition have been, more informative citizens could be assumed at that time. Most of them have predicted this, so the SDP has never received smaller assembly mandates in this century. And that little SDP missions are slowly losing because it is easier for their MPs to have the same boss at work and at the party. Prior to Tamara Čubretović, Radenko Tomić, another employee of Holding, who had been impeded by political activities in the promotion of business, left the queues. Bandic so slowly, but unstoppable, gathers a new assembly majority that should allow him to be less dependent on the unfortunate right-wingers of the Independent Party for Croatia, who for their vote in the representative body of the capital are still looking for something more than a workplace increase. At the same time, Bandic is ending all the poverty of the human and moral potential of his ex-party who is venturing into his own destruction. And that deserved. Bernardic and his few remaining devoted people in the Social Democratic Party, Cubretovic mentioned was a great political hub and claimed that it was the future and the new face of that party. Whatever the future is and what this face is, Cubretovic could not show more imaginatively than switching to Milan Bandic during the week when he sent a humiliating message to all women. A good woman is the woman who gives everyone, she said in the school benches "Mayor of all Croats". We do not know who and what Cubretovic did all the while, but we know that the voice he has claimed to be against Bandic will give Bandic to the citizens. Because there is a good atmosphere and good cakes. That's her price and her shame. At least the citizens of this city for another in a series of political disappointments will not have to pay too high a guild. Its probable progress in the Holding and the increased coefficient are really a pity to the hurt that this hope and the new face of social democracy could make in the future. This is still a cheap lesson. At least, the voters now know how much their representatives appreciate feminism and women's equality. Cubretovic's Bandic's call was silent. I guess she could not speak the mouth of full cakes. Suspend her and former boss Davor Bernardic. This talented person is currently having too much care about his own armchair. The real party leader whose most prominent members do not see beyond their own ass. Citizens of this city and this country can only trust in EU passports and unlimited working visa.