Although the summer is over, summer jobs around the city are still going on. Mayor Milan Bandić met with them and told the assembled reporters when they should be done. Unless the deadlines move again ...
Radnička cesta
As part of the comprehensive reconstruction of the Radnička cesta, from the Slavonian Avenues to the Bridge of Homes, works are currently being carried out on the last two stages of reconstruction.
This is the largest traffic infrastructure investment in the last 20 years worth 200 million kuna with VAT, Mayor Bandic said, adding that next Thursday's traffic would have to release the north tire to at least break the access road. Everything should be almost about 20. October.

Square of Victims of Fascism
At Meštrović's pavilion, works are currently being carried out on the public and green areas, on the cladding of clay, followed by the asphalting of the trails. To 25. October will end the work here, the mayor said.

Preradovićeva ulica
The works on Preradovićeva Street, on the first and second sections, respectively from Haulikova Street to A. Hebranga Street, including the east side of the Svačić Square, were completed and 31 was released. August. As already heard, new communal infrastructure, gas installations and power grids were laid and Water Supply and Drainage reconstructed the water supply pipeline and the associated 34 water connection and reconstruction of the channel at Ante Kovačić Street with 12 water connections.
It is currently in the section from Hebrang to Masarykova Street, and the completion of works is expected next week.

Rocky street
Works on reconstruction of the Kamenite Street section include the reconstruction of the road with drainage and existing installations.
For me, this is the most sensitive building site and I apologize to the tenants and the owners of the crafts that we will be compensated by the Office for the Economy, as well as those from Preradović, by Milan Bandic.

Mirogoj - construction of the cemetery fence along Remetska cesta
On the plot along the Remete Road there is a built-in wall with an integrated 496 niche for urns, each of which has four apartments. The idea was to create an acoustic and visual barrier between road and gravestones by the appropriate standards, along with nearly 2 000 new death sites, to ensure dignity for the tombs, explained architect Marijan Hržić, the author of the project, and the mayor announced next week his opening.