In front of the main building of the Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic yesterday was restored a fountain, and as his love for them was known, the bubbling of the water into the air with the patients and the staff of the hospital was particularly delighted by Milan Bandic-

Director Vlado Jukić explained that the fountain that was built in the 30s of the last century was restored with the help of the Podsused-Vrapče and Grad Districts, and will prune the premises in front of the hospital, so patients will feel more comfortable. Until now, with the help of the mayor and the City, we have renewed our building - Section IV. and V., the facade and the roof, and in ten months we will also open with the help of the Center for Psycho Education and Work Therapy and Psychogeristics, the Director added.

Mayor Milan Bandić pointed out that besides the hospitalization of the hospital, the environment around it was very important, in which the fountain was still in operation.