Zagreb's work unit of AD Plastik, the largest manufacturer of plastic parts for the automotive industry in Europe employing 3 000 employees, today visited Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić with associates.

AD Plastik proves that Zagreb is ideal for investing in modern technology, that we are ready to work and create and export high quality products. This company offers its employees professional satisfaction, gaining experience in working with state-of-the-art machines and safe jobs on the international market where the skills and the fruits of the work are appreciated, the mayor said. Our goal is to create a business atmosphere that will enable as many of these companies as possible to produce components not only for the world's automotive industry but, hopefully, one day for domestic car manufacturers.

Group AD Plastik is the largest manufacturer of plastic parts for auto industry in this part of Europe. Our key customers are Renault - Nissan Group, Fiat - Chrysler Group, Peugeot, Citroen, BMW, Volkswagen and Maserati, among others. We have eight factories and 3 000 employees, and the Zagreb unit is technologically the most advanced, explained AD Plastik Chairman Marinko Došen.

He added that the company employs over 650 workers in Zagreb and earns an annual income greater than 60 million.
"In the last four years, we have invested over 250 million in new technologies and machines, and thanks to contract deals and recognizable quality, the scope of action will continue to grow," Došen said.