Under the Wall (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

At the Zagreb Burger Festival this year, it is possible to try out more than 70 different burgers produced by even 18 burger masters from Zagreb, Pula and Split. The festival ends on Sunday, 23.9. so you still have enough time to go to Strossmayer Square and we recommend that you do not go for it yourself because you probably will not be able to try more than two burgers since they average contain 200g of minced meat.

From experience, it is best that you have four: each burger can split into equal parts, try them more, and stand in the ranks is more comfortable in the company (or scatter in front of multiple chambers). You can use this year too FestApp a mobile application for the order, but sometimes the network is so burdened that it will not be of use to you. Therefore, the nerves in the can and the fishing rod - it is worth it because the burgers every year are better and better. Gourmet treats in crunchy buns with grilled meat or vegan ingredients (this year there are three on offer), all kinds of sauces and surprise supplements.

Are the burgers still alone street food or inclined to fine dining we asked several burgers of masters whose sweet apples in fine biscuits went well on this year's rating, which in a team that patiently stands in line, which at code food bloggers and gastro journalists ...

Before the food blogger court
Burger Food Bloggers Crew (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

To avoid confusion, fine dining the concept is certainly not applicable at festivals - because besides the quality of the dishes, the ambience, the atmosphere, the services are also needed for the ultimate enjoyment ... Now, make the burger so enticing that it can become a fine meal (as my word meal never mind) and what some of the masters think about it, find it in the small text - how many burgers - so many letters ...

BBQ Special - Hot & Spicy
, best rated burger food blogger crew jury, although seasoned with a BBQ sauce of even 26, most of the humorous ingredients, liked the majority female part of a terrible court. Team iz The Burger Bar for himself loves to say they work unpretentious, value for money burgers that are preparing in a sympathetic kiosk from the south side of the fair and they would easily put them in a typical street, fast food restaurant. But when you bite in light brioche toasted with butter and when the lobster egg yolk enriched with fried bacon and covered Cheddar the tastes of flavored buds get tired, and the flavor of fried portions and radishes does not disappear by a few drops of beer - the gray cells are sending a clear message: just eat a damn good burger.

Burger Bar
burger, The Burger Bar (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

"In our opinion, today's burgers are a marginal case. If we look at most places where burgers / hamburgers can be eaten as a form in Croatia, then that is definitely still street food. But some of us slowly try to turn Burger into something like fine dining, though it is still a meal that is fast and almost consumed even faster. If we look at the best steak as a fine variety of fine dining, why not even burger? We invest much more in the burger and we have to take into account the quality of 5-6, and sometimes more ingredients. Meat must be really top-quality, fresh or fresh, and we have long since stopped mowing only the side: for example, we are making apples from the chuck, the ribs and the neck. The baking is the foundation and the end, the bottom halved with the butter must ensure that brioche or light brioche does not break and break under the weight of the burger. We do umaki and even "ordinary" ketchup ourselves as well as mayonnaise and BBQ sauces that can contain over 20 ingredients, and we try to make fresh vegetables from small OPGs. All of this just goes away by the burger of the usual street food dishes. In addition, we at Burger Bar are continually working hard and striving to advance in every aspect, from production and cuisine to serving. Increasing attendance and festival reviews give us the wind in the back and push us forward, and every criticism is readily accepted and we are trying to fix it. We look forward to the weather before us because burger has become a favorite dish in Croatia and can only prosper, right? " - with a lot of enthusiasm and anger they answered our question from The Burger Bar.

Last year's winner Mason Burger & Staff according to the visitors rating this year offers a winning combination, Fucking burger, basically a simple burger in which besides the brilliant biscuit - Brioche Bun - the main role is meatballs with minced beef and Istrian pie (pies prepared on giravolta way) to which the society is a real slice of Istrian cow cheese, green salad and garlic sauce. Ivan Zidar, the master of burger minimalism thus sees today's scene:
"Burger today can be all - food for the poor, street food, fine dining, or something quite special and different. This is what I do with Butter burger which I prepare exclusively in front of the guest with special segments of meat that enjoys the small bites in the following I like to call boutique burger. "

Ivan Zidar
Ivan Zidar, Mason (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

For this year's Festival Zidar has prepared it as a novelty Smokey Dolac, which is on the same minimalistic line: precisely, the finely ground junetina in the smoke is soaked by itself, and with the pancetta mayonnaise it simply breaks into the mouth. The smoked cheese cake from Dolac (the mason likes to buy groceries at local markets) boosts the bitterness, but just as much. Sit down, 5!!!
Mason Burger & Staff operates as a franchise and their burgers, except at The Shipyard Pub in Pula, you can spit on numerous pop-up locations in Croatia, and currently, of course, at Strossmayer Square ...

Submarine Burger he introduced himself Special burger, we would say - with a traditional example: a sweet brioche hiding a sweet potato salad with bacon stuffed with bacon, dried on a Dalmatian bun and fete of creamy smoked cheese. That burger is not boring, are worthy of the pieces of black Slavonian pigs, which match great with BBQ and mayo sauces. Undersecretaries are questioned where they see their burgers and restaurants responding:
"Our restaurants, both on the food and on the interior, staff and communication, would rank in casual dining, a kind of restaurant that serves modern food in a relaxed atmosphere. "
Indeed, their 9 restaurants in several cities in Croatia and Belgrade are certainly places where you can eat excellent hamburgers along with a solid selection of beer crafts, and potato chips with tartar and / or cheese additives cause hazelnuts, ...

Submarine burger (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

50 A Burger & Champagne Bar proudly points out her chicken and vege variants with a crunchy knife, and at the Festival and in the appraisal they presented themselves - Lamburgerom. The combination of lamb and hazelnuts is very daring in the areas where beans (without kajmak) are still the main choice of street food but when you know that a team from this burger bar at Zagreb's European Square has been dedicating for some time to combining burgers and sparkling wines and behind there are more and more followers - you can clearly expect unconventional ingredients. Chef Markovic and Lavin are not spoiled by strong spices and unusual combinations, so with ground leek meat between fine rolls put humus on hazelnuts and salsa, onions, tomatoes, Halloumi cheese and cheese baby greens salad.

50 A Burger & Champagne Bar (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

"There are two main burgers that determine whether it is street food or delicious food, and it depends on how to prepare and care to prepare. The most commonly encountered is a thinly sliced ​​apple sauce on a ribbon board that we connect with a quick snack while walking the city, unlike a much smaller, thicker gourmet burger in a steakhouse style that is best cooked so that the interior is warm red (medium rare) or pink (medium). And the famous restaurant Noma prepares burgers, which speaks in favor of the fact that burgers can be on fine dining menus. Today, more and more for the street food variant of burger use 3-4 different pieces of beef (we still have junets) with 30 to 40% fat that guarantees the juiciness, and more and more often freshly, uses the meat that has deprived it for ten or more days in special chambers. The line between street food and fine dining burger varieties is increasingly invisible " - answered Adena Lavin of 50 A Burger & Champagne Bar - and we would add: in combination with sparkling wines, we are getting closer to the concept adventurous fine dining.

The Cellar Grill he introduced Jameson burger in accordance with that green color of two-sauce rolls: one of the 4 types of hot cheese and the other based on Irish whiskeya, all of which additionally spiced fried onions in a kayena pepper and added salad. For those even more demanding they prepared burgers with black and white truffle cream. Just mentioning truffles in the same sentence with burger suggests it is about fancy meal:
"As we work with the Craft House and we work at the festivals, we realize that both options have their own audience and that a large number of people are increasingly deciding on high street burger offer. Fine dining is there all year long because you can come to the hamburger whenever you want, and the festivals are seen as a pop up version of fine dining just in the whimsical atmosphere, so the burger experience is different. All in all, we are delighted with the commercialization of burgers that insists on quality, not just quantum. "

The Cellar Grill (photo by SZ)

Under the Wall, a vibrant bistro & wine bar that has been eating well for a long time, but drinks as well as having a respectable wine map with the best labels from Croatia and the region, the Festival decided to present with a chef Mate Janković he created a 4 burger mascot with Istrian, Dalmatian and continental (read: Slavonian) combinations. Burgers of intense flavors in baking puddles that are touched in their mouths, but they are not afraid of the same amount of supplements as they are prepared for a more demanding audience - and visitors to the Burger Festival in Zagreb, in the domestic frames are certainly. Personal favorites, Istra burger with goat 's cheese, Istrian sausage, warped mushrooms and truffle mayonnaise you Slavonia dominated by smoked cheese, and milled beef in combination with potatoes, roasted bacon, spinach oil and kernels softened coleslaw salat recalls umami, examples are how burger should look, and even more, what kind of taste should be.
Mate answered his question in his own way:
"Burgers, especially at a festival of this type, can be characterized as a kind of upscale street food offer, and the best indicator of how many people have touched the taste of visitors can be seen in the evening. It is impossible to satisfy everybody, but what is good is that everyone can find something for themselves in these events. Burger as fine dining? It is not impossible, but we are far from real dining, so let's not make philosophers a good burger. And here they can really be found. "

Mate Jankovic
Under the Wall, Mate Jankovic (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

Under the slogan A place of good taste, a family restaurant Đurina hiža who carries the name of his grandfather Djur, the woodsman and the grove who worshiped the woods and gathered in it all that could be eaten for a long time, impresses the palate of hedonists on the old road towards Varaždin (or all that is relative). Nikola Božić who runs a restaurant at the family, at the Festival experiments with wildlife and mushrooms in Divlje Djur, and immediately to the knowledge: we had an experiment for us: the present and the roe deer with the beef and the bacon, the bacon, the lichen and the spreading of the lard on the first did not seem delicious, but you should not expect from the savage they turned on the charcoal grill. That's why they smell unbelievable, and the skill with which Nikola managed to get a apple that is not dry or hard is worth the praise. The other two burgers are working with meat from Meat the King, one of the combination of fresh and fresh beef and the other with the flesh of the fern ...
"Burger - always the primary street food, yet it's timeless junk. Gastro (R) evolution permits passionate artists to present such food and fine dining maps - of course with the " - Nikola was counted and caught a couple of minutes of free time while he was in the Strossmayer Square in Zagreb. IMG_9867-Đurin-hiza

Đurina hiža & Meat the King (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

And just like the brilliant Mate Jankovic said, every year every year more and more burgers are (this year the biggest positive shift occurred with biscuits) all the better and more interesting. In addition to the above, in the end, here's a brief introduction to what's waiting for you at this year's Zagreb Burger Festival: The Garden Bar & Kitchen s Mark Palfijem, the star of the autumn transition that Mundoakin jersey replaced with Garden's, was presented at the original lamb burger in odd bunnies and even more unusual additions such as chicken salad, spicy harissa sauce and coleslaw salad with grilled yoghurt and menthol.

Marko Palfi
Marko Palfi with lamb burger (photo by Sandro Sklepić)

The bull flirty with Latin flavors - we love their guacamole, RougeMarin, besides having burgers in double and a triple variant every day a strange surprise burger (Alija Sirotanović, the burek-burger caused all sorts of reactions on the first day, but marketing was a hit) BarBaQ and their BarbaQ Burger Buddy Smoker is credited with an incredibly fine smoked appetizer, especially in B Burgeru with a chip of port.
maredo has remained faithful to traditional flavors, Good Food one burger can feed a four-member family, Kascha is proud of a burger with smoked bass mozzarella, Burger Factory, Kitchen & Grill Plac i Spiro attract red, green and black biscuits, and masters from the sea from Split Toto's Burger Bara They are proud of dark burgers and crunchy batata (their vegan version of our food bloggers was the best in that category).

Materials like in the story - study well, download the app and take advantage of this other four days and find your favorite - do not forget to vote for (or them). Fly between the snacks with some of the crafts from the mall The Garden Brewery (try "Margins" - specially prepared for the Festival - a more modern version of the German Festival Classics), gin by a cheerful team GINgle Bells cocktail bar, or cocktail code Rakijarnica & mangostà homes, and leave the kids in the Kids Zone ...

See you another day, burger never enough ...