For the fourth year in a row, thanks to the enthusiasm of Jelena Bulum, filmmakers and vineyards come to theirs at the Bornstein wine shop, where they pick up a glass of carefully selected wines and delicious snacks to remember themed movie titles. Wine and Kino offers 3 experiences in the cost of the 1 experience, and we add a good company in the pleasant atmosphere of the wine temple at Kaptol in Zagreb, no wonder there are vacancies most commonly!

Vinopija, Alen Grozaj and Bruno Trapan
Wine and Cinema Team (photo by Julio Frangen)

This time the theme was a holiday of summer vacation with a magical embrace of bottles stuffed with 5 of different wines interwoven with 5 celluloid strips that have been recalling memories of a summer that is forever remembered. In the soundtrack of the Swedish quads hit by Mamma Mia already two times, the guests met Nenad Trifunović - Vinopije with the selected wines, and the films were performed by Jelena and Alen Grozaj ...

The evening started naturally with sparkling wine, but not any of it: intimurble dragon he did not rig the fire but he warmed the atmosphere with the song I can still recall our last summer and the scene from now ten years of the old first part Mamma Mie on the Greek island of Kalokairi where women's persistence (some would say - stubbornness) in the struggle against stereotypes is almost a trademark of the film. Pozoj (the dragon on the Međimurje) brut 2015., champagne from Easter autochthonous variety pušipel winery Dvanajščak-Kozol, bold, but at the same time gentle, just like a hero movie: perfect match no. 1! The refreshing citrus notes perfectly blended with the biscuits, this time specially prepared at the Zagreb restaurant Noel.

Pie by Noel
Noel zalogaji and Pozoj (photo by Julio Frangen)

In the following, we went to exotic Thailand and remembered how Leonardo di Caprio played Vicenarian Richard, nicotine addicts, video games and war movies about Vietnam in the movie The Beach from 2000. year-old - intrigued by a mapped by a deceived friend just before committing suicide - changed the way of the road but also the look of life. The map leads to the beautiful beach of Maya Beach, which would perfectly match the glass Milosevic Rosé of the little 2017 blonde. If you do not find a way to the Maya beach, once banned from the Brewery, this rosé is sweet enough and yet fresh, with its originality you can take you to any part of the world while sitting comfortably in your chair.

Wine and Cinema 02
Miloš R Stagnum rose (photo by Julio Frangen)

When the wine ring enters Bruno Trapan, followed by Ry Cooder's All Shook Up - it is clear that with the bartenders of Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) in the film Cocktail from 1988. in glasses pours Trapan Malvazija Uroboros 2015. The faded colors, honey and flower aromas, and this Trapani malvasia stand out from the others with their complexity, rich scent and fruity aromas that last for a long time ... And give!

Wine and Cinema 01
Trapan Malvazija Uroboros 2015 (photo by Julio Frangen)

Italian wretched comedy A little company in the south (A small southern company) from 2013. with a Slovak actress Barbor Bobulov in the main role of Magnolie, a retired escort lady is a film that one must look at, because when a strange team is assembled in a solitary lighthouse, the prostitute looks at some things in life - the party has no end. And if laughter does not shake, the fourth wine is good, biker blue-eyed little Mate Violeta Matuško Dingač from 2013. years.

Wine and Cinema 04
Matuško Dingač 2013 (photo by Julio Frangen)

For end - desert wine late harvest Great 2015 Crown winery Welcome, a swarm of malvasia, masculine and rare autochthonous grape varieties with honey fragrance, filled the vineyard and brought the aromas and colors of early falls that survived on canvas with one of the most successful scenes from the movie hit My Mom - Here We Go Again (2018.) and the music platform When I Kissed the Teacher.

Wine and Cinema 06
Corona Grande 2015 (photo by Julio Frangen)

Autumn is coming (my dune), which means expecting new wines, and in Bornstein, and new film joys that have so far proved to be a full hit!