For the first break of the session of the City Assembly, Mayor Milan Bandic used the opportunity to go to the nearby Dverce town palace, where was also the parliamentary representative Milanka Opačić, who has been speculating for some time to strengthen his parliamentary benches.
The talk of two former party comrades was not announced or open to the public, but it is interesting how Bandic on Opačićki had to respond to the current watch. Tomislav Tomasevic of the New Left has openly called the mayor to buy parliamentary representatives with the money of Zagreb and asked him how much he will cost us his new party reinforcements, as the former Deputy Prime Minister. The issue so much angered Milan Bandic that Tomašević "promised" that by the end of this mandate he would take half of their assembly club.
-You will have no half of the club. That's what I promise you, "Bandic Tomašević said. He and his club's deputies on that Bandic promise just laughed.