Mayor Milan Bandić held a press conference today to once again and personally praise the ordination he had received from Russian President Vladimir Putin, but forgot to mention one person who might have contributed most to that.
Confident that this was an unintended failure of the mayor who has obviously had problems with memory lately, and his advisors and officers do not really help him when he does not know who everyone is calling, we decided to help him.
- Almost, did Bandic get some orden? Where was it published? My first voice - the former mayor of Zagreb, Vlasta Pavić, laughed when we asked for a comment. Namely, Vlasta Pavić was the mayor of Zagreb when a terrible terrorist attack on the school in Beslan occurred. At its initiative, surviving children from that school every summer from that year at the expense of the city of Zagreb are spending their holidays in the town holiday resort of the Adriatic.
Bandic continued with this practice when he became the mayor again, and each year he was there and was personally excused and visited during the holidays. Of course, always surrounded by cameras. This humane gesture is probably also the main reason why the mayor of Zagreb got Orden friendships from the Russian president, and it is apparent from the pictures in Moscow that Bandic, except briefly on the stage with Putin in Russia, officially met only with General Ruslan Aushev who participated in the release of children during a terrorist attack in Beslan.

Children are in our sea at 2015. and 2016. I also visited General Aushev. But the former mayor did not remember.
His Pavić did not surprise him. However, she was honored by the fact that today the mayor Ivana Brkić, the Mayor, promised that she would no longer talk to my sun or sunshine anymore. (so she, with no intentions, so frankly turned to the author of this text to "shake her upside down").
- There is at least something, said Vlasta Pavic, who felt on her skin that Bandic could be used to women with much worse vocabulary. Longer and more she did not want this topic because she enjoyed life without politics and chauvinism. Let's envy her.