Martini is certainly the most suitable day for the announcement of the largest international wine and culinary festival of VINOcom, which is held this year in the thirteenth time, now traditionally in the Zagreb Esplanade Hotel.

On Friday, 23. and Saturday 24. November hedonists, wine lovers, wine lovers and lovers of good food will occupy several luxurious hotel halls and taste wines accompanied by delicious food, and will also look for a number of interesting workshops. Over the 3.000 square meters of exhibition space this year, its products will be presented to more than 300 exhibitors. In addition to producers and wine merchants, table culture, as well as tourism offer will be promoted by manufacturers cheese, oil, prosciutto, culinary, and no delicious delicacies, especially from Croatia and neighboring countries, but also the European Union and the world. A special guest-partner this year is Russia, which will introduce us to Casinos, which are not well-known, and the top Russian wine.

Director and founder of the event, professor Ivan Dropuljić specially emphasized by various workshops where sommeliers and connoisseurs will present wine, but also to encourage discussion and exchange of views on subjects of close eno-gastronomy, and the prizes will be awarded to the best wines of the Wine Star project organized by the company Zlatne riječi with Professor María Vukelic at the helm.

Both festival days begin at 11 hours (the first workshop starts Friday in 10: 30!) And lasts until 18, followed by a list of workshops and maintenance schedules.

Friday, 23. November - Club Board Room
10: 30 - 11: 30
moderator: Siniša Lasan
Description: How seriously interurban winemakers produce a brand of autochthonous puppies, we will see not only a few excellent samples, but we will also find out how it was about to launch the first protected brand of quality white wine from the Međimurje vineyard as well as styles, uniforms, a unique pušipel bottle.
Entrance: free upon reservation
Contact and reservations: Ksenija Matić,

11: 45-13: 00
Moderators: Vedran Kiridžija i Ivo Kozarčanin
Description: 10 Dingača Vedrana Kiridžija, sailor who is "fished" in the vineyard
Ticket price: 200 kuna
Contact and reservations: Ivo Kozarčanin,

13: 30 14-: 30 h
Moderators: Gregor Drescher owner and Marko Šram sommelier
Topic: The Petite Révolution Collection
Description: Reduce 2011 (Austria), Book XVII 2011 (South Africa), La 2010 (France), La 2016 (France), Visionnaire 2015 (France), Visionnaire 2011 (France)
Ticket price: 450,00 kn
Contact and reservations: Domagoj Dropuljić,, 098 382 502

15: 00-16: 00
Aurélien Raë, Passion Vins
La Cité du Vin Wine Cultures and Civilisations Museum | Bordeaux
Contact and reservations: Domagoj Dropuljić,, 098 382 502

16: 30 18-: 00 h
Moderators: Rene Bakalović i Zoran Šimunić
Description: The highest honors at the world's largest maneuvers to Croatian olive growers are no longer new. Apart from the quality of our oil mills, we are at the forefront of nurturing top quality monosortic olive oils. Each variety approaches specifically, separates in harvesting, processing, offering and presentation. In addition to searching for the perfect wine for the recipe of a particular dish, gastronomic experts are now harmoniously trained with the distinctive features of an olive variety. Bjelica, crni, buža, oblika, lastovka, askolana and dozens of other autochthonous and imported varieties became recognizable, gained their clear profile and occupied the place in well-thought out menus. In the Gastronomy Club and the Apetit restaurant team and the chef Marin Rendić, they made a gourmet ticket to this year's best young olive oil from Istria to Dalmatia. According to the different qualities of each oil, it was first chosen the key food, the corresponding gastro icon, from fresh black and white truffles to island honey. Then a recipe was created for each food. In the end, the sommelier rounded the story, starting with the grape variety and the terroir, according to the winery and the wine year rounding up this great trinity. The excitement of excellence of this kind is a stimulating, exciting and very demanding story. We therefore limited the number of places in our presentation in order to attain the tastings of socializing and exchange of opinions.
Ticket price: 600,00 kn
Contact and Reservation: 01 286-7372; Rene Bakalović

Friday, 23. November - Casino Club
11: 00 18-: 00 h

Saturday, 24. November - Club Board Room
11: 00-12: 30
moderator: Daniel Čečavac
Description: 2014 Chablis Grand Cru "Domaine de Chevalier Blanc", Grand Cru Classé de Graves 97 JS, 2013 Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru, Domaine Henri Boillot 98 RP, 2011 Ermitage "Cuvee de l ' Oreo ", M.Chapoutier 96 RP, 2009 Châteauneuf-du-Pape" Les Quartz ", Domaine du Clos du Caillou 100 RP, 2007 Corton" Clos des Cortons "Grand Cru, Faiveley 96 JR, 2005 Château Grand Puy Lacoste, 18.5ème Grand Cru Classé 1996 JL, 5 Blanc des Millénaires, Charles Heidsieck 94 AG
Ticket price: 1250,00 kn
Contact and reservations: Daniel Čečavac, + 385 91 577 0053,
* The organizer of the workshop reserves the right to cancel it unless an adequate number of people is reported.

13: 00-14: 00
moderator: Professor Dr. Goran Milanov
Topic: Vertical Ten barrels Syrah - Chateau Kamnik
Description: Ten Barrels Syrah - Among the best 10 in the world
Ticket price: 300,00 kuna
Contact and reservations: Natalija Kuzmanovska;

14: 30 - 15: 30 h
moderator: Professor Marin Berovič
Topic: Sanctum vineyards
Sanctum vineyards from Slovenia have been set up early, but in 12. century, and planted with pinotom black. The secrets of the Carthusians are intertwined with them with the expressiveness and mysteriousness of the black stack. Presentation of the great wines of the Prestige series: maestral chardonnay, fermentation in the barrel, combination of fine spice and technology sur lie, character of French Montracheta, elegance and freshness of gray pinot, large structured black pinotas, mysterious syrah and, finally, my red - the eyeball. Exceptionally, spicy, finesse and secrecy, touch the sacredness of great wines.
Ticket price: 75,00 kuna
Contact and reservations:, mob: + 385 98 485894

16: 00-18: 00
Moderators: Gregor Drescher owner and Marko Šram sommelier
Topic: The Petite Révolution Collection
Description: Mr 2011 (France), Mr 2014 (France), Mr 2016 (France), Visionnaire 2010 (France), Visionnaire 2015 (France), Risorgimento 2015 (Italy, World premier!)
Input with invitation.
Contact and reservations: Domagoj Dropuljić,, 098 382 502

Saturday, 24. November - Casino Club
11: 00-12: 30
Moderators: Ivan Enjingi, Ivo Kozarčanin
Topic: Let's learn why Decanter published the title "Thank God on Croatian Wines"
Description: Queen of the kings of the basement: Decade of Enjing's Grays
Ticket price: 200 kuna
Contact and reservations: Ivo Kozarčanin,

13: 00 14-: 30 h
moderator: Siniša Lasan
If we were going to pick one of the most exciting Croatian vineyards, we would certainly have counted Međimurje on its own. The young generation of winemakers with the already recognizable white assortment increasingly invest in the production of red wines. Which international varieties are hiding in the Međimurje vineyards? With which world region could we compare it?
Entrance: free upon reservation
Contact and reservations: Ksenija Matić,