Jastog (photo by Julio Frangen)

Kalelarga on Ravnica in Zagreb was one of the restaurants - along with the Bistro MZ, popularly known as the Serbian Code - that targeted it well eat, although both shops were somewhat obscure: the Serb was in the sports hall amongst some of the attractive stunning dressing rooms, and Kalelarga in a large private house at the corner with an extension of Branimir. Still, she always looked for a table, and the gurmen portrayed the lively (and greasy) dough in huge portions that had been shaken by business and less business lunches and dinners ...

While Labus was leaving exclusively for the first-class barbecue, Kalelarga was more known by great fish specialties, but also lovers of lamb, dishes under the bakery and of course grilled meat on charcoal came to theirs. The time went by, and the cult places moved closer to the center, and the obesity of the fat beard was replaced by some new kids looking for new flavors and gourmet pleasures, so both restaurants slowly fell into oblivion. Kalelargu have tried to revitalize several times, 2013. pa 2017. (as far as i remember), but it did not work, there was always something missing ...
Kalelatrga interior (photo by Julio Frangen)
This time, if he is judging by the introduction of a new team in the kitchen and restaurant, which was brought together by famous restauranter Željko Čiček with his wife Renata and children, Kalelarga could bring back the old glitter that was shining through 1994. years. Chickens through the summer lead one of the better restaurants in Novalja on Pag, Laguna (from next season it will become part of the franchise and will be called Kalelarga 2), which is distinguished from fast-paced, ever-wretched fast food locals like gin bar with the offer of wok dishes and very good steaks. Water i slowfood Walking Wok in addition to the MIOC, and the catering trade (also) baked in the European House and Club of Zagreb in Zagreb, and among the first were the avalanche on Zrće with Calyps.
The owners of Željko and Renata Čiček and the restaurant manager Bojan Travorić (photo by Julio Frangen)
From the presented menu, the desire of the owner is a continuation of the tradition that relied on the autochthonous Dalmatian carnival, but also the dishes that have grown to the heart of Zagreb, but this time with the added value of new culinary techniques, in accordance with healthier eating habits and accelerated way of life. Leader Bojan Travorić which many people know from the Lobby, together with chef Nina Djurina, is responsible for supplying fresh food, mostly from specialized OPGs and already certified suppliers such as fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as wines.
Chef Nino Đurina and crew (photo by Julio Frangen)
Nino Đurina for about ten years he was a personal chef of two Swedish ambassadors, and he cooked at numerous restaurants in Zagreb and at sea. Its style is seemingly simple, but the dishes we tried gave us the faith in local cuisine, tastes and smells of Dalmatian taverns and old Zagreb taverns and our to BBQ. cold Plata Kalelarga did not promise someone special tional: a solid cheese, a delicious kulen, a ham ... as when the reserves get out of heat before the show, and they know that they will not even play those few minutes for the premium. Slate salad - the best reserve that introduced us first half ... very good first half!
Plata Kalelarga (photo by Julio Frangen)
With the Football Dictionary, the fisherman's defense has sunk in front of the flaps from the wings: from the right side, just-how-to-need a paned file of an Adriatic cannon she disappeared from the tooth at the speed of light, and on the left she was unforgiving wild salmon file, while friendly staff attackers offered brilliantly with the terrain in shape Graševine Jakovac 2017. No worse impression was left on mesophylls filled lungić i gourmet apple, the traditional trademarks of the grilled meals that the company has made Jakovčev Cuvée iz 2013.
Filled lungić, gourmet apple ... (photo by Julio Frangen)
Some of the pauses have been used to fill the lungs on a terrace that will have over 40 places in warmer weather, so that in the second half of the scene the stars of the night will be staged, which no one is left indifferent. Swiming Home Specialty - lobster in a jar with tagliatellas i stuffed with carp stuffed, ham and cheese, and great pieces of meat of land animals - steak with chilli and honey i ramstek filled with ripe and feta cheese they agreed well with the last year Chardonnay Jakovac. The loner naturally caused media attention, but fish stuffed with fish It was a special discovery for me - not that I had not tried anything like it before, but I expected fat and unproblematic food, and it turned out to be sweet and very fine! Traminac 2015.(of course Jakovac, although in the offer Kalelarga also offers wine from the winery Perak) with palaces touched the opponents (hail) with a unique conclusion - hungry eyes were not lacking, but empty stomach that night no one went home ...