Roto dinamic has presented one of the best ginas in the world: the meadow of the Sauerland region in Germany comes Woodland, unique dry gin extraordinary taste obtained by mixing classic and local plants and distilled with untouched spring water. A perfect choice as an aperitif, is also great for cocktails, and with selected tuna in long drinks with fresh mint and slice of green apple, its freshness is especially pronounced.

Gin, especially in the most popular combination with tonic water retrieves roots from herbal medicine and was first produced in the Middle Ages in the Netherlands. The root of the name comes from the French word for blueberry - genièvre - which the Dutch changed a bit genever, the English abbreviated in - gin. It was believed to help with rheumatism and arthritis, and since it was a diuretic, they also recommended it for treating kidney problems.
By continuous separation of alcohol and water through a special process of distillation of cereals or aromatized molasses, gin is usually colorless as well as vodka, but is flavored with herbal ingredients because of its initial taste, as well as every medicinal drink - awful! So-great-grandfather of gin, Dutch Genever which continues to produce, has largely maintained that characteristic with a pronounced presence blueberries with a note that resembles spruce and Christmas tree.

When William III brought gin to Britain, the English had modified the production method using different distillation boilers and soon became a very popular drink among the poor because he paid less for him.

Seeking a drug against malaria, British soldiers in 19. century discovered that kinine was a perfect ally in the fight against the disease and mixed it with carbonated water and so it came about tonic, a drink that thanks to his name healing, tonic properties. than quinine it is among the substances of the greatest bitterness and it is no surprise that it was a terrible taste. So they decided to make it thicker and mixed it with a mixture of water, lime, sugar and of course - gin! You guessed so one of the most famous cocktails came about: gin tonic...

In the twenties of the last century, gin experienced his own the first culmination when they began to drink it rich in junkies combined with tonic, slice of lemon and ice, with tonic being less and less quinine that only serves to obtain a specific taste. In the 1950's, gin became an important ingredient of many cocktails, and is best known Martini Dry, but since then popularity has fallen and almost disappears from the market.

In recent years, gin has become a favorite among the hip-generation, and barmen and mixers have an incredibly wide range of ginas produced by different - most commonly kept - recipes that are most distinct from aromatization with various herbal and spice ingredients.

NjemaÄ ki Woodland dry gin for a very short time he won ginoljupce and only this year picked up the 11 prize, and on prestigious giant competitions such as Global Spirit Awards in Las Vegas, The World Spirit's Award in Germany, Concours International de Lyon, Singapore Competition and China Wine & Spirits Awards the best gin in the world! His creators - Matthias Czech, Olaf Baumeister, Till Brauckmann, Gregor Biedrzycki, Dr. Ingrid Moritz Dimde and Andreas Schulte - emphasize that they like to experiment and admit that they have not been able to produce gin every time they would themselves but are proud of the award a collection that delights sweethearts all over the world.

Mixing classical and local plants from the wooded mountains and wet meadows of Saurland in Germany created an exceptional taste of this unique distillate. The result is fresh but defined dry gin, distilled with intact spring water. Needle wraps, jewel ear and dandelion call a subtle, woody taste. A light note of fresh gooseberries, hand-picked apples and the smell of citrus fills the fresh aroma.

With a carefully selected tonic, gin gives a cocktail of refined and gourmet taste which is because of its refreshing simplicity in line with today's global trends. Fine Drinks experts Dynamic roperecommend to serve Woodland gin s Luscombe tonic and decorate it with green apple and fresh mint and say "this combination supports the character of the gin and allows him to shine."

Millennium Generation of Enjoyment in gin has made a real ritual - here's a simple example of how to join them:
Woodland Original
1 / 5 Woodland Dry Gina
4 / 5 Luscombe tonic
Decorate with slice of green apple and fresh mint

Woodland Original

Woodland Fizz
5 cl Woodland Dry Gina
3 cl lemon juice
2 cl of sugar syrup
Shut off with a little water of soda

Woodland Fizz