GET Awards - White Grozd 2018 - graduates (photo by Marko Čolić)

Now traditionally, as a kind of announcement of Vinocom, by 7. the way was awarded White cluster winegrowers who successfully develop wine tourism and individuals who contribute their activities to the development and promotion of wine culture through their activities. The award is 2012. year established the GET Culture Association with the aim of promoting eno-gastronomy and eno-gastro tourism, and its founders Silvija Munda i Tomislav Stiplošek many years of active participation in the wine and gastronomic scene have contributed significantly to the development of wine and tourism in Croatia.

Apart from prizes in winemakers and winemakers in Croatia, the GET Awards were awarded to the best in wine tourism in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, and special prizes were also given to distinguished individuals.

Interestingly, GET's awards include a large number of eno-gastro connoisseurs of the table culture: this year there were more than 500 along with other 1.200 people through an open survey.

"Sell ​​on your own doorstep vinegar became a priority, wine cellars became an integral part of the tourist offer and a major factor in tourism at all. Therefore, the mission of this project is to highlight those who work hard, praise their work and success, give them the incentive to continue, and give everyone else the incentive for extra effort and the overall quality of the overall offer. This is not just about winemakers, but all those who, in their actions, in any way influence the development and promotion of enogastronomic tourism and table culture, "explained Tomislav Stiplošek, president of the association.

Best in Croatia in Wine Tourism:
1. Meneghetti Winery, Bale (Diploma and Crystal Vase of Glass Rogaška)
2. Winery Vuglec shore, Škarićevo - Krapina
3. Winery Korta Katarina, Orebić

Bregovita Croatia
1. Winery Vuglec shore, Škarićevo - Krapina
2. Kolarić Winery, Hrastje Plešivičko
3. Trdenić Winery, Popovača

South Dalmatia
1. Winery Korta Katarina, Orebic, Peljesac
2. Winery Bire, Lumbarda, island of Korcula
3. Winery Rizman, Klek (Komarna vineyards)

North and Central Dalmatia
1. Bibich Winery, Plastova & Winery Stina, Bol, island of Brac
2. PZ MasVin - olives and wine, Polača
3. Winemaking Royal Vineyards, Petrcane

Istria and Kvarner
1. Stancija Meneghetti, Bale
2. Winery Damjanić, Fuškulin
3. Winery Kozlović, Momjan

Slavonia and Podunavlje
1. Belje Winery, Knights of the Vineyards
2. Winery Iločki basements, Ilok
3. Antunović Winery, Dalj

Best in Slovenia in wine tourism:
Winery Doppler, from Zg. Kungota

Best in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Wine Tourism:
Vukoje Winery from Trebinje & Winery Nuić from Ljubuski

Best in Serbia in Wine Tourism:
Winery Zvonko Bogdan from Palić

Best in Montenegro in wine tourism:
Plant Winery from Podgorica

The best in Macedonia tourism:
Chateau Kamnik Winery from Skopje

Particular recognition for extraordinary contributions under development wine culture: Wine bar and wine bar Bornstein

Particular recognition for the outstanding contribution to the promotion wine tourism: Exotic Wine Travel

Special recognition for a lifetime, for the extraordinary contribution to the promotion of eno-gastronomy this year was posthumously awarded Dark Baretić

Recognition Good Start for 2018. year received winery Galić from Kutjevo.