In Đeneral Draže Street in Derventa, Republic of Srpska, these days celebrity celebrates Milan Bandic, and he is probably praying for his health.

Parohija Uspenija of the Holy Mother of the Virgin from Derventa with the act of our mayor last week approved a donation from the 2700 Euro for the purchase of a field vehicle.

And as in the neighboring state obviously all has the same price, the 2700 Euro was approved and the BDM - Boats from Bosanski Brod for the decoration of the church yard and the fence were approved.

We can only hope that the money will actually be spent for the purpose they are paid because the Croatian judiciary can not control it in the neighboring state.

And Bandic is already investigating because of the suspicious donations he received from BiH when he ran for presidential elections. Recall, the donations came to his account after he lost his election.

The opposition has already publicly called DORH to monitor all city representatives because they suspect Bandic will try to "buy" them.

In BiH, and in Serbia, where some Bandic associates and co-defendants widen their business empire by summing up their suspiciously acquired capital, our justice reaches no matter how much they sing.

But these days, the gifts from the Zagreb cash register will not be delighted only in Bosnia.

To the Islamic Community in Croatia, the amount of 999 108,75 kuna was approved for the repair of abdeshane, a shrinking male space for rite washing before prayer.

Although he is a believer who will personally enjoy the new premises, Zlatko Hasanbegović will not give his voice for this donation to Milan Bandic. At least he declares it.

Our mayor has not forgotten our greatest religious community either. The parish of St. Blaise was granted 883 thousand for the introduction of heating.