Although he had many more political games in his legs, the old political bear Milan Bandic was outspoken by a new political beast in the Zagreb chicken hut (or the Assembly).

Zlatko Hasanbegović and his Independents for Croatia have fulfilled all the promises of their voters, and rarely can a political party or organization in Croatia praise it.

This is not a subjective impression but an objective fact that will be recognized by their most prominent political opponents. This was also pointed out by Rada Borić, leader of the New Left, who is most often verbally confronted with Hasanbegovic.

Well, Borić well noted that their voters are a little prescriptive in their demands, and they are more interested in ideological than communal problems. But politicians are there to listen to their voters, and NHI obviously listens to their voters. If they have chosen them for ideological motives, then it is logical that these issues will also be more concerned.

Independent for Croatia were also given their head of culture, Anu Lederer, a former intendant who entered the City Assembly on their list. Should he even remind himself why Hasanbegovic's cultural heritage is important and how did he ever become the main star of the Croatian right?

Around her nomination, the spears broke for a long time because Bandic and his associates did everything they could to keep that mansion. Independent of Croatia insisted on it as the best personnel solution and their persistence paid off.

Ana Lederer has been appointed head of culture for a term of four years and she is virtually irrelevant in those four years.

Today, many media outlets have been writing about a terrible Bandic's revenge and shuffling Hasanbegovic's people from all positions. "Revenge" is so terrible that Hasanbegović and his team are likely to be reading this, sitting in their favorite cafe and laughing.

These few memberships by various school and art councils are politically and materially less than the lowest office in the Office of Culture.

Since at least the law says that the mayors are elected on the basis of the criterion of expertise rather than the political key, Ana Lederer can only be removed from his position if he or she does a more serious job violation or if her job is terminated. Bandić may abolish the Office of Culture, but it is necessary to propose the reorganization of the city administration, which should be confirmed by the City Assembly. Where Bandic most no longer exists.

So, Hasanbegović and Bruno Esih got everything they asked for Milan Bandic and promised their voters. Well, more than that. In return, they did not give him anything. That is, they only supported him in the first year until they did all their political goals.

They forced him to publicly give up Titus, defend Ane Lederer's election as a top-level expert, and can now calmly move to early elections.

Bandic? All comes to an end. Well and invincible. Bandic's invincibility for years has been believed by all his opponents. Probably, even Bandic himself has begun to believe that he can not lose anyone in Zagreb and that nobody can outgrow him.

It should have been somehow new and cool on the Upper Town to notice how the car is now naked.