Milan Bandic

Although his health is severely compromised, mayor Milan Bandic came to the City Assembly today, where a session is scheduled today that the budget should be voted on.

Milan Bandic received at hospital on Friday in a bad condition. Due to the treating of the triple fracture of the leg Bandic, thrombies were created, one of which went to the lungs and caused pulmonary embolism.

Bandic is receiving therapy with drugs that breaks the thrombies and dilutes blood, but during his stay in the hospital, he still had another thrombus pointing towards the lungs, so over the weekend he was operated.

Any other thrombus could be crazy. Bandic should therefore strictly rest, not move even in the hospital so as not to encourage the movement of a new trumpet.

Despite all this, Bandic appeared today at the Assembly. If he did not save his political career, he was obviously ready to sacrifice his life.