Independent of Croatia did not succeed in knocking down the Zagreb budget, but they forced some Bandić's sleeping in the opposition to wake up and show their rightful face. Miroslav Polovanec from HSLS, Ilija Čorić from HSS and General Jozo Milicevic from Independent Lists Sandre Švaljek was three of the opposition who unexpectedly raised a hand for Bandic's budget.

Explaining why he did it, Polovanec also had a chauvinistic outburst. He said that he would not be ordered by someone "who has no surname in Zagreb", alluding to Zlatko Hasanbegovic.

Independent of Croatia, therefore, abandoned the Assembly's protest, and soon followed the rest of the remains of the opposition, so the session was left without quorum.

Comment on Bruno Esih on events in Gornji Grad can be seen in the video clip.