Winery Perak (photo by Marko Čolić)

Ivica Perak, an oenologist who spent 26 in Kombinat - Kutjevcani popularly call Kutjevo famous winery, twenty of them as the main oenologist for the Cabinet Krauthaker, before 6 had launched their own business which includes all family members: Željka's wife leads the sale, Maja's daughter is in charge of marketing, and her son Ivan is at the Professional Study of Viticulture, Wine Making and Fruiting and does all the other jobs in the winery.

Family Perak and Vjeko Madunić (photo by Marko Čolić)
In the vineyards stretching along the perfect vineyard location near Kutjevo: Mitrovac - Lukač - Vetovo on the total of 12 hectares the most populated is the queen of Slavonian vineyards - gravel - planted on more than 70% of the surface and used by Perak as a base to produce quality and top quality dry wines, pre-wines and recently sparkling wines! Apart from grains, white wines still produce chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, of red monocorts of top merlot and cuvée of cabernet sauvignon, syraha and zweigelta, and rosé on the base of pinotas of gray, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. A recognizable logo winery Perak in the form of 6 Circles - Grape Berries - appeared many times in wine competitions on bottle labels that regularly win prizes such as Decanterovog silver for Ledeno grape harvest wine 2012. At the recently held promotion in Zagreb, Kalelargi, Ivica Perak and the family proudly presented their wines, some of which will only be released for the first day. So it was premiered sparkling wine Perak, produced naturally from liqueur extract from ice-picking, degreased ten days ago and specially packed for this opportunity. Variety characteristics and grateful acids are noticed in the first sparkling winery that plans to build a new, significantly larger basement in the upcoming period and increase production currently around 80.000 liters and is sold out each year. In addition to the new cellar whose capacity should be around the 500.000 bottle, the plan is to increase the area with black varieties. Grape seed oil from 2015. at the best track of the award-winning vintage 2012. year: Grape harvest in early January 2016. at -12 degrees Celsius and after one year of fermentation Perak produced an excellent predicate wine with 13% alcohol and 57,5 g / l of unverified sugar. Exceptional freshness thanks to the acids characteristic of the variety (7g / l), rich in flavor and very creamy, so great as an aperitif. Wicker sparrow, dry Graševina Mitrovac a crystal clear golden yellow color with a characteristic smell of green apple, a sweet, complex wine of a full body and a fine mineral that you should never overcome when you encounter it, especially if you are ordering white meat or white fish with spicy sauces.