Ivan Ćelić, photo: Facebook

Encouraged by numerous calls and comments from people in medicine and psychiatry, and most of the people who have or have a hard-lived depression experience, I would like to emphasize the following:
1. Depressive disorder is a psychiatric disease verified in all classification systems and as such is totally equivocal to any other physical illness.
2. Given that this is a disease (here I'm sure I can not talk about the many causes or the ways of depreciating these causes), depression has standard treatment rates. These rules, or rules, are the result of contemporary scientific achievements and insights, whose effectiveness is checked in everyday clinical practice.
3. Everyone has the right to make an individual decision about how to heal (for example, walking in the woods or treating a psychiatrist), but first and foremost, the basic, democratic human right to be properly informed. We can hardly imagine that a more or less correct decision can be made from weak information or from a purely personal standpoint.
4. The personal attitude to anything, and so to the treatment, does not have to be correct on the level of knowledge and knowledge, as well as the individual cases that emphasize the so-called " truth is exceptions, not rule.
5. The fundamental principle of any social engagement is to be in the service of the general good, which places all public and politicians in a very responsible position that their statements and spoken words do not endanger human health and in particular the dignity of those people in need.
6. Health and care about human health must be above all political or ideological differences, so I appeal to all who, by the nature of their work, can influence and influence public opinion to lead the principle of public good, not wasteful utilitarianism, more.
7. Bringing personal opinions on the treatment of certain diseases proclaimed as the only truth and denying standardized and proven treatment methods pose a threat to the individual, but also to the threat to the entire community.