I was not born in Zagreb even though I was born in it. I moved to him. And I would be lying if I said that I liked this town right now. Because, I love the heart of my native Slavonski Brod. I wish there, when time came, Sava would take my ashes.

As I was lying to monogamy, I did not allow myself to love this city because I thought I would cheat and issue my Brod Varoš, Jarač, Veliki i Mali dol, Slavonia 2, the fungi, the vineyards, the shamrocks and the basements ...

But a good man if he wants to stay a man to stop loosing himself and others and to know and truly admit who he is. And I'm a polygamist. Not only do I like Zagreb, Jarun and Vrban I love Bolivar and Memphis and Hickory Valley in Tennessee.

It is the hottest US state where people are more kind and Croatians. They opened up my school, my heart and my homes and I would be grateful for them. If they ever need another Volunteer, let them know that with the cubes in the closet I keep the orange jersey.

I spend these days on green clothes as I prepare for a flight to Ireland. I'm going to go there not to escape but to learn the better of myself. I wonder how Irci made their country so much richer and happier than Croatia. I hope they will allow me to absorb that knowledge, and in turn I am prepared to do all they can for me. I will humbly beg them to attend my own school and my son whose heart and soul I would not have given to the crooked Croatian high school.

Because of that I go the most. To teach him and remind myself how to dream and think in English. And to get some Irish rebellion. But as long as I have a drink, I will not let him forget the Croatian. I would like to see it come as often as possible to return to the city, where her sister and mother, grandparents, cousins ​​and friends live. To be enriched by the wider knowledge of the Croat Crown with them, they are building a more beautiful place and a better society. Those are my wishes.

But the choice will be his. It is my choice to have a choice. That is why I want to go to Ireland. Not in the belly belly. But I'm moving for knowledge.

In Zagreb I plan to return as often as I go all the way here and not to skim and to enjoy the flowers of the weeds that I planted on the lawns of the night. Ana Stojić Deban and her workers do not know it, but now I'll admit them. I've been throwing you around the city's green areas, and most of all around Jarun, the seed of defiance.

Spruce or swamp is a self-propelled plant that, once it sows, grows almost everywhere, even in the cracks of concrete and asphalt. Like every weed, once it expands, it's hard to eradicate it. Usually blooms in the spring with beautiful flowers, and the fruits are edible and very healing. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and is particularly good for heart, blood and vascular disorders. That would, say, be of interest to our mayor.

If the defender cleaned my blood from the thrombies, maybe he could have his own. Since I've been eating and eating it, I've been stronger than ever, and I've suddenly got a mighty ally.

So read further because as long as God lets me, I do not intend to write. Only He can prevent me. And I have debt and debts to do. To you, my dear Zagreb.

These sites are still there only thanks to the money from your surprise. For what you paid I could write and write myself a lot better, more and stronger. If you let me, I'd gladly make up for you.

I'll do as much as I can. With all the strengths and knowledge. What I almost forgot and what I'm just planning to find out. My brain, voice and fingers are at your service. Do not please, just ask me to sell. I'd rather be a fool. It's your Dotepenec.