3. Salon of Sparkling Wine (photo: Julio Frangen)

The Zagreb wine season will open 3. Salon of sparkling wines which will be held on Friday, 1. February at Hotel Dubrovnik within the network "Salon of Sparkling Wines"Which for the third year in a row links Zagreb and Ljubljana, and its expansion is by its capitals in the region. The salon in Zagreb was organized on a certified model from Ljubljana, where 15.2 is. 2019. maintained by 6. Salon of Peninsula Vin Ljubljana.

Salon of sparkling wines: prof. Marija Vukelić, director of Salona, ​​photo: Julio Frangen

The main message of Salona is that the sparkling wines do not drink only on special occasions, but they can be eaten every day, not only as an aperitif, but also in combination with more demanding dishes, with the goal of raising the culture level of drinking sparkling wines. As a result, two free, professionally-run workshops are planned for all visitors who sign up on time. "Croatia and Slovenia - Friendship in a Sparkling Glass"Dr. Nina Levičnik, coordinator network, and prof. Marija Vukelić, director of Salona, ​​and the second workshop "5 Century Young Beauty - Gosset Champagne"(The oldest wine-house in Champagne, from 1584.) Will lead one of the best Austrian sommeliers (Vineus Sommelier of the Year 2016) and Ambassadeur du Champagne 2015 / 2016 Suvad Suwi Zlatić.

At the sommelier press conference Croatian Sommelier Club Darko Lugarić demonstrated the paste of sparkling wine with pâtés and confirmed that sparkling wines could match on everyday occasions and with ordinary meals...

Within Salona there is also organized a evaluation of sparkling wines which can be delivered by non-participating winemakers, allowing them to get a better insight into the market due to a larger number of samples, and will be awarded two types of acknowledgments: Salone Salons and Salon of Sparkling Wines, which will be decided by two Slovenian Croatian nine-member commission led by enologists Darja Bovha and mag. Franjo Francem.

Salon opens its doors in 15 hours and will be open to 21 - plenty of time to tour more than thirty of the best Croatian and Slovenian, and several producer of sparkling wines from other countries that will present their favorites at uniformed exhibition venues.

Spotting and pâté, photo: Saša Stanković