En Primeur is a unique event of tasting young wines of the last vintage and red wines of the oldest years and of exclusive wines that will only be offered on the market. These are the first wine tasting sessions, so that the professional public and all wine lovers will recognize the potential of wines that are just coming to offer. In the wine experts' circles, the event has been recognized as the center of prime wine tasting from the previous year.
En Primeur 2018, photo: PR Light Communications
Sommeliers, owners and managers of restaurants, bars, hotels, F & B managers, distributors and other wine specialists and lovers in a great drop will be on Thursday, 31. January at the Crystal Hall of the Westin Hotel from 13-19 Hours (entrance for visitors is from 16 hours and free of charge) to be able to taste wine by over sixty winemakers from three wine regions. First of all, the tables will be grain, pickle and puppet from the 2018 harvest. year from which Vlado Krauthaker, president of the association Graševina Croatica expects "a lot, especially when we talk about wine quality." In cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, 13 projects of clonal selection (simplified: breeding process with the aim of improving the characteristics of the variety) were launched: dumplings, grains, kingdom, pušipel, eight Dalmatian varieties: Korcula greek, shrub, plavac mali, plavina, debit, maraština, vugava and babić). This year's En Primeur will be particularly about the grain whose clonal selection started with 2004. and a puppet (spoon, moslavac). Project "Clone Selection cv. Graševina "ordered by the Municipality of Kutjevo and the Association of Producers gave the recognition of the competent institutions of the clone of grain and listing on the sort list in Croatia, thus creating conditions for its reproduction with the aim of expanding the qualitative potentials of the Queen of Croatian wines and adapting it to the goals of production and the various technologies. The ever more active interim wine scene through Association of winemakers and winemakers of Međimurje Hortus Croatia has already presented a young pušipel, which has continued successful brandishing of the puppet as a protected brand. In cooperation with Međimurje County and the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, the young interim force of 2011. year clone selection to obtain 3-4 clone for further protection of autochthonousness and is one of the few native varieties whose wine is restored in a unique bottle, specially designed for this autochthonous variety. New, younger generations of Dalmatian winemakers have raised a scale in every part of business and thinking about winemaking and through Association of Dalmatian Wine they continued with the development of vineyards and winemakers who are experiencing their Renaissance. The Croatian wine scene is richer and more quality that we can no doubt be convinced of En Primeuru 2019 and first taste the wines of sixty five winemakers from Slavonia and Podunavlja, Dalmatia and Međimurje. In wine veritas!