Milan Bandić changed the investigation and investigations. Although some will argue that he is still the same, that is far from the truth and every day it is more and more confirmed that he is not even the shadow of a man who ruled sovereignly over the capital of Croatia by October last year.
He now only plays his former self. But the fear that was embedded in him and the fear of being entangled in his associates would make them sweat desperate moves. Desperators from one mistake only fall into the other.
The best example of this is the extraordinary session of the City Assembly tomorrow. On the agenda, it was only a revision of the city budget that Bandic had withdrawn from the previous session because he saw that his proposal would not have nearly enough hands.
The majority who missed it planned to gather in two weeks. But while his new, minimal-modified proposal for revision was demolished at the sessions of the assembly committee, Bandic was not near Zagreb.
He is no longer a struggling man, and if he is facing a defeat, rather than a man who runs away. And in fear they are not just big eyes, but a nasty confusion. At a meeting of his party in Lisinski, whose funding was not investigated five days later, Bandić announced a major political tour of the Croatian cities.
So he went to three cities in Italy without having to go to Trieste, who was the only one of the Italian cities of Croatia to keep his own.
He also confused his closest associates Ivica Lovrić and Jelena Pavičić Vukičević, who were the only ones in the city to try to make it impossible: to convince the deputies to adopt the rebalance and to convince the citizens that they care for them at this point in the city administration.
Not even in the ordered TV show they did.
Asked by a spectator when Milan Bandic would take part in that Croatian tour, Lovric said that his angry face fired that Bandic had already gone on a tour and was on his way to Milan. He announced the boss's journey to Rome and the Vatican, but then he quickly apologized, grasping from the confused silence of the leader that the spectator did not ask when he would visit the owners of Croatian banks rather than citizens of Croatian cities.
- Of course, these are not Croatian cities, but they will soon be there - they tried to correct the head of culture, sport and education who knows only the issues of the city budget from the geography lesser. At a request from a watcher when school fees commences in late summer months, Lovrić attempted to slip all his guilt on Sandra Švaljek and Darinko Kosora. Yes, Lovric is, for the failure of the sector in which he is guilty of the president of the City Assembly and the former deputy mayor.
"You know, it's because of the budget that gave my sector much less money than it is enough for normal functioning, but it was voted in the City Assembly, while we, as you know, were absent and we could not influence it - "Explained" Lovric, wanting to convince the viewer that such a budget would not be that he, the mayor and the bosses of their deputy club were not in custody.
And we do not know if Jelena Pavičić Vukičević was in custody to visit Ivica Lovrić and he mistakenly thought that she was forced to come behind the lock, but hopefully Jelena Jelena at least after that show explained that she was at that session of the Assembly when she the budget was adopted and how all the Bandic's MPs voted for that budget and how they were especially fond of spending the budget, and any kind of thing.
Because he did not pass the budget, early elections would have to be announced in Zagreb, and Bandic, who was then in custody, at least responded to such an option. And one technical point: the budget was written and before the Assembly was defended by Slavko Kojić, who has recently been in Bandic's party, at least formally, more positioned than Ivica Lovrić.
But Lovric's reluctance to be true would not have been such a problem for Milan Bandic that the man is at least a little smarter lying. Because while Bandic was on the run, he forgave to visit Croatian cities in Italy, Lovrić only created new enemies with his actions and lost old friends.
To accuse Darinko Kosor of being a budget maker for which neither the members of the school boards in Zagreb have received any compensation was particularly wise, no matter how much it did to Lovric in the zoom show.
Without the votes of Darinko Kosor and his deputy club, it is difficult for the budget to pass. Even the HDZ, and also that Bandic is as delightful as he misunderstood (not long ago), should not allow a shot in his own leg and Bandic still to give him ammunition.
HDZ, and Darink Kosor, who is part of their Domestic Coalition, Bandic takes votes in parliamentary elections. The rebalance of the budget is the only ammunition that Bandic has and can come to it. as they have rightly noticed in the committees of war, all city representatives except his, rebalance is nothing but an unrealistic financial plan that serves to buy voters. Bandic enters the electoral body of the Homeland Coalition, not the SDP's voter body, no matter how much Bandic and the team like to see social democrats. Because, apart from them, no one is experiencing them anymore, especially after Bandic's presidential campaign, in which he described the reasons for his brother's defeat as beautifully described by Zoran Jankovic, made too much of it and diverted the deflection from the star to the cross. And now this deflection can not go back any more, so all the squares in Zagreb are called by the late Martian Titus he was wearing in the robe of the jacket.
And what a square named after the late president thinks to edit for six million is difficult to approve the HDZ.
Not one of them deceived them in Zagreb and the HDZs should really be the biggest naïve and foolish Croatian politics to give Bandic a cheap trick.
And without the help of a member of the Domestic Coalition Bandic rebalance can only pass with the help of former SDP colleagues who would then commit suicide in the pre-war suicide in Zagreb's constituencies before parliamentary elections.
If they ever cooperated with Bandic, they would cooperate only after the election, when he suffused enough votes and MPs' seats in the HDZ, and if these MPs were lacking in the parliamentary majority. Zoran Milanovic has already told his party's Main Board that after the election "there will be a lot of cheap votes to buy" and where will you cheaper vote than the ordinary amnesty of criminal prosecution.
But if Bandic goes to the reward for next parliamentary elections, Ivica Lovric, Jelena Pavicic Vukicevic or Slavko Kojic will be much better, more respected and well-known allies, who bragged that he had split more sausages in his "Ogulin" which got votes.
And while Bandic had been away for two weeks, he would have to face it tomorrow. If the rebalance goes through, it will be a political miracle. If he withdraws points, he will show that he lost the little courage he had left behind after his detention. And if that courage for a long time still shows up, he risks seeing just how little people he really has left behind.
So tomorrow we will not only find out whether the budget will be rebalance. We will find out and will the Mayor stop running from the city he should manage.