When in Kosovo is 1981. a number of Serbian politicians have made a lot of effort to keep the news of those unrest in other parts of the former Yugoslavia. Allegedly, then one of them said: Stop Reuters! It has never been established with the utmost certainty as to whether this is true, but that statement has remained legendary and synonymous with censorship, but also with the stupidity of some politicians who think that the people can lie forever eternally.

We do not know whether Milan Bandić and his subordinates in the city administration and their listeners at the City Assembly "Stop the Internet" also did not know how they tried to launch internet portals from the city budget by the time of extermination yesterday.

The mayor of Zagreb does not like the things he does not understand and does not know. And to quote one of his closest associates: He could only start the computer with a match and a gasoline.

Milan Bandic knows how to read the newspapers, knows how to turn on radio and television, but he can read the texts from the internet portal only when the associates bring them out.

And it is most of the internet portals that follow city themes, and it does not hide or print it can not be seen. The City of Zagreb co-finances local media each year with less money. This year, 10 million is foreseen in the budget, so Bandic sought all that money for local TV and radio stations only.

And as it relates to journalists from these stations, this is just a special topic that we sincerely hope will be the HND with which it will soon start to work intensively.

Bandic of our colleagues from the local TV and radio stations is experiencing their escort team for all the ferocious "field tours" and they are often driven by city van throughout Croatia where they can wait for hours in the sunshine because we quote that same closest associate since before a few sentences: journalists are the biggest cattle ever. And very cheap stuff.

That associate does his thinking in the end and practices in one of the local non-formal televisions, but is the nominal owner.

But, as we have said, this is a special story about which the public will soon be notified. Let's go back to the internet portals. A branch of Zagreb's internet journalist a few months ago requested a meeting with representatives of all party clubs at the City Assembly to ask for co-financing of the city budget budget to be much more transparent and how citizens of Zagreb deserve to know who and every one of the kuna from the city budget spent . For while some publishers fairly pay their journalists, others do not pay almost anything or expect them to work for ordinary show.

The rest of the city's money burst into their pockets or fund the purchase of media in other cities, and some borrow millions of Milan Bandic's campaign money.

As internet portals receive 10 times less money than television and radio, Internet publishers, even they want, can not play these games. That is why they are much more independent, and their journalists, though poorer than colleagues in radio and television, are much more free in their writing and work.

Bandic was the departure of Internet journalists to the Assembly, and they gave support to them, and the current president of the HND Saša Leković and his then counter-candidates (because it was too late for election campaign in the Croatian Journalists' Association) strongly blamed.

This anger was opened to us and passed on by some of his associates with the "promise he will remember it". And he remembered this year and tried to release Internet portals from the media co-financing program this year.

But, fortunately, the internet portals were remembered by city attorneys at the Assembly. Of course, all except those who did not even appear at the first meeting at the City Assembly. They could not pass either yesterday, or yesterday, through the "offense" that we called for the first meeting at the City Assembly which represents all citizens of the City of Zagreb before we asked for this meeting with the mayor who represents only some.

Milan Bandic's intentions were opposed to their amendments and conclusions by the SDP and HDZ-HSP-AS-BUZ clubs, supported by the HSLS and HSS clubs, HNS deputies and independent representative Sandra Švaljek.

The SDP Club has proposed the conclusion that internet sites this year leaves 1.3 million in the budget as it was distributed last year, and the HDZ, HSP-AS and BUZ clubs proposed an amendment according to which the commission for allocating funds to radio stations Milan Bandic, and four members of the City Council, are televised by three members.

Milan Bandic can, however, in his work, or in this case nerad, exploit internet portals. It can not announce a tender for a portal, regardless of the funds allocated to them in the budget. No one can force him, except if the police, for some other reason, does not hold him in custody, so he remains without the mayor's powers.

However, we still hope that our yesterday's battle will bring something good and for colleagues on television and radio stations.

Namely, the City Assembly in the Commission that decides to allocate funds to the media appoints one member more than Bandic. The Commission will, according to the political key, have a seat in the quota of the Assembly likely to belong to the candidate from Bandic's list, and Bandic will in any case have the majority (although no longer absolute than this year when all members of the commission himself elected).

If Bandic exits the City Assembly and does not make their conclusion, they do not even have to comply with a rule that is undefined and can not be binding on them. Do not give any Bandic representative a seat in that commission and assume full responsibility for establishing the freedom of the media in this city. Before assigning any money publisher to a meeting and journalists who report on their work, let them examine what they are experiencing on their business.

We call on the majority in the City Assembly not to allow Zagreb Bandits to Zagreb 2015. year transition to Kosovo from 1981. years.

And in the photo gallery you can see all Bandic's exterminating experts. However, they do not swear or speak much. They only raise their hands with obeisance.