This is the future Mayor of Zagreb - we responded to a colleague more than a year ago when he saw us, who saw Mirna Šitum on the corridors of the City Assembly, who was this woman.

He laughed, grasping this answer as a joke, but we thought it seriously. Mirna Šitum has not been bounced off by other members and MPs from the independent list of Milan Bandic, only with her height, period of mannequin, and exquisite fashion. Out of it more than others radiated, and no less radiates today, a strong political ambition that it is difficult to conceal, no matter how hard it is to keep it reserved and restrained, especially towards journalists.

Mirna Šitum acts as a woman who seizes the main goal, and the politicians from Bandic of the opposition political parties have also noticed.

- It is certainly a future candidate for the mayor of Zagreb, but the question is who stands behind it - SDP members agreed with our estimation and the answer to their question was soon offered by HDZ MPs.

- We'll find out a secret. Mirna Šitum will be our candidate for the mayor of Zagreb - HDZ MPs told us in the time when he did not know that the Constitutional Court would let Mayor Milan Bandic in custody and when his resignation was quite certain and premature elections for the mayor were practically over thing.

But Bandic, as we all know, was unexpectedly released and it seemed that there was nothing since the early elections in Zagreb. But, as in Zagreb's politics for the last year, only the changes have come to an end, and there is a turning point in this matter.

In the fierce political strife of Milan Bandic and Darinko Kosor and the HDZ, the Mayor announced that Zagreb may hold parallel local elections with parliamentarians. Namely, he no longer has the majority in the Assembly supporting him, so he expects that when Dumpster has already refused to rebalance his budget, Duma will reject the 2016 budget at the end of the year. year by force of law leads to early elections for the assembly and the mayor.

It should not be forgotten that two weeks before that, Mirna Šitum and himself had come into conflict with mayor Milan Bandic when he as President of the Supervisory Board of the Zagreb Holding refused to sign the dismissal with the former directorate with the explanation sent to him by the assembly of the company made by Milan Bandic and Slavko Kojic . Because of this reasoning in which Bandic exposes the Seventh Severe Sins, the Supervisory Board of Holding left Vadimir Ferdelji, and resignation was then offered to Milan and Mirna Šitum, as claimed by sources from Holding. After meeting with Bandic, she retired from that resignation, but when she was released, she asked for her opinion on the dismissals to be separate and was not at all in the pursuit of Bandic's thinking.

In the rebalance that was subsequently sent by Bandic to the Assembly and according to which he wanted to increase the city budget for 250 million, everyone should profit except Mirne Šitum. The Health Office, to which it is headed, is the only one of all city offices to receive less than it has in the current budget.

Although all suggests that neither cooperation nor political love exists between them, Mirna Šitum neither officially nor informally wants to talk about his current relationship with the mayor.

And no calls from the HDZ. After a press conference organized by her health bureau in the city administration, and the mayor was late and as vicious as she was before the end, journalists from this portal and colleague from Vecernji List tried to get some explanations from Mirna Šitum.

- I can not tell you anything about Holding until I talk to the mayor about it. I learned to respect the hierarchy in the military, "said Head of Health and President of the Zagreb Holding Company. And to the direct question whether the truth is that he will be a HDZ candidate in the next Mayoral elections, and whenever they are, he only laughed and responded by defaming.

- And where did you go? - Mirna Šitum asked what the journalists were porting on. The Newspaper of Vecernji List responded: Well, they told us in HDZ.

"I have no comment," Mirna Šitum said with a smile on his face, but the calls did not refuse. On the contrary, he promised us very little. As soon as she talks to Milan Bandić in four eyes. But, she pointed out, I hope you will ask me something about my life and career before city policy.

No wonder he wants to talk about it before the next election, because her career and biography are more than impressive. It would be difficult to list her doctoral titles, specializations, and healthcare functions without at least two newspaper text cards.

But the 53-year doctor has a military career behind him. She was a volunteer for the Homeland War, and in the legendary fourth guard brigade she was in health care until she became Chief Health Officer. He did not run from the first lines, so he was on the front line of the battlefield and wounded for which he also had the status of the Croatian war military defect. -.- .- Mirna Šitum

But this wound did not slow down. After that, she only took on numerous medical specializations and published professional and scientific publications, which even today have published even 437. In addition to numerous honors in war, for her contribution to medicine, especially dermatology and oncology, she has become a member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

When her long biography is read on the pages of the Croatian Academy of Sciences, she asks what citizens often ask for Bandic: When do you get to sleep?

Even though it is currently the most powerful person in Zagreb by the functions of Zagreb, among citizens it is not nearly as well known or even recognized as possible rivals of Bandic, like its former deputy, Sandra Švaljek.

And it was Sandri Švaljek who was the tallest associate while the former deputy mayor changed Milan Bandic. Unlike most of the MPs and members of Bandic's list that Sandra Švaljek in the Assembly avoided, Mirna Šitum does not want to talk with her and greet them these days. That was so after the last session of the Assembly. They fled before Bandic's eyes. So it is difficult to say whether the two of them in the upcoming elections will be rivals or co-workers.

Although announcing the election, Sandra Švaljek has no support from such a powerful political group as Mirna Šitum offers. And if she agreed to be another, Silva Šitum would have a friendly coalition with her, which already offers her a chance to become Bandic at least equal candidates, if not the favorit. And he had not had such a counter-candidate in Zagreb for 15 years in Zagreb.

It is only waiting for the decision of the careful Imoćanke who saw well that the Sniper was burnt too fast. Bandic is still a man who can not be underestimated, let alone overwhelmingly.

But if he goes to the battle against him, Mirna Šitum must almost decide. No candidate should ever become too late. In order to be recognized as a woman who can resign Bandic, she will have to resign from office to fall back to the Assembly by the autumn. So let Bandic take a deputy, and bring the MP to the MP more. With her in the HDZ club and the Assembly can formalize a Domestic Coalition. Because of their 11 representatives and the seven representatives of the HSLS and HSS clubs, they would formally align themselves with Milan Bandic, who would then count 15 of his MPs and three HSU representatives.

And if they would attract Sandra Svaljek to their club, they would become HDZs with their coalition and for the first time after the 16 years a relative majority in the Assembly of the city.

With Milan's warrior at the helm, Milan Bandic's detonation would no longer be so hard. Indeed. Especially since their SDPs would not have been too distracted this time. Zoran Milanovic would probably have no objection to the defeat of Davor Bernardic at the same time and Milan Bandic.

The decision is on Mirna Šitum. If we were not wrong and if we really have ambitions to become the mayor of Zagreb, the way it will never be easier than these hot political winters. You just have to decide whether to join the HDZ. There's a husband waiting for him.