Soon it will be exactly 100 years that died Milan Grlović, founder of Croatian Journalism Society. Will we get 9? June on the 100 anniversary of his death to celebrate the continuation of the death of our communion and profession or will that anniversary be the cause for us to resist this death and continue the mission for which he founded this society? This will be largely decided by the electoral assembly of our society this Saturday. And our society is not just founded for journalists but because of the state and citizens we should serve. Let us remind ourselves why it was founded by the words of Grgavic himself: Croatia can be harmed - but it can no longer collapse. That is my deep conviction. God has sent to us, in each period of our past, such husbands, who had descended on the bumblebee, and who found behind him new means of education and work for his rebellion. This comfort me and this hope with the confidence in the future must all Croatian patriots have to spread and prophesy. When they are buried their foreigners, then Croatia will get better days.

Why do I just quote the words of our founder? So the current leadership of the Croatian Journalists' Society has been all over the last few years in order to bring foreigners into our society and to make this word a patriot in our profession. In particular, the current president was predestined by the incarnation of everything against which Grlović fought. That is why this society needs to be based on a turn that can only be given to new people who will find new resources for its survival and stronger influence.

Some of these resources must be found in our society, and we have to look for the state and citizens we serve with our work. I want to offer the Croatian Journalist Society a program in 13 points to fulfill the purpose of our existence. In order to be independent, fair, distinguished, agreeable, strong and influential we must first of all be materially independent and employed. In order to achieve this, we have to give more to ourselves than to the country we serve and to its citizens we inform. That is why I suggest eight things to be done alone, and five to ask for the state we are well-founded and well-founded. We deserve the right to freedom of speech, opinion and expression, but even this country and citizens even more than us deserve the right to impartial and truthful information.

What do we have to do ourselves?

1. The president of the HND must be elected according to the principle of one member - one vote - as spokesperson of this society should represent us all, and not just some among us

We often seek democratization of our political parties and our society by this principle, but we ourselves do not want to apply that same principle to our society. How to be respectable in society if we are hypocritical. The apologies as it is technically difficult to do so long ago with the development of technology outdated. But even without the technology that makes such choices easier, we have the right excuse to apply this principle we have never had. If we can choose a journalist for this year, why not the president. The argument that a few members of such a vote responds is equally silly as abolishing elections in the state if the output continues to fall on them.

2. HND does not need a set of websites but a simple and efficient website on free cms that will easily access and release all our members free of charge

For a long time, there are free, high-quality content management platforms on the web site, but the leadership of our society is always keen to take on the most cost-effective solutions. Although cms like wordpress that is easy to set up and manages it, and it is even cheaper to maintain for websites in the world that are visited by millions of people a day, they are not a good HND whose pages are visited by a thousand people less. Why is that so? Is the purpose of HND's official websites to bring high profits to IT companies or to be an efficient and simple service for its members?

3. Unemployed journalists should be exempt from membership fees while they are at the Employment Service

Journalists need to show solidarity not only through a special fund, but also by releasing membership fees for our members who are left out of work and engagement. Many of our former members have rightly offended and offended the issue of our secretariat when they are left out of work: Do you still remain a member of our society and pay a membership fee? Many of our colleagues who are still journalists but not members of our society have hit such words at the most difficult moments of their lives. And when they get back to their feet, why should they come back to such a society? If the HND can not survive without the money of its unemployed members then neither deserves to survive.

4. Journal Journalist should be released and the fee for publishing in it should be received only by unemployed journalists and journalists pensioners

There is no legitimate reason that the journalist shares only among the members and that they do not try to market in kiosks and retail shelves and through subscriptions. If it was not just a matter of strictly guessing, why would not someone buy it. And why they could not buy him somewhere, and those colleagues who for a variety of reasons refuse to be members of the HND, but journalism is still concerned.

5. The CNB must begin to monitor copyright violations of its members

Rather than giving valuable space to IT computing and unnecessary web solutions, it would have been wiser to rent the same premises to a law firm as a lump-sum for journalists in their lawsuits for copyright infringement. Attorneys' societies in these lawsuits may also earn additional commission because such cases have been shown to be practically solved quickly by settlements without costly litigation, as evidenced and proven in practice in most cases journalists who have been sued for such claims have had to make up for initial attorneys' fees.

6. Employees in HND (except the President and Secretary-General) salaries should be increased for 20 percent

It is hard to fight for better material rights of journalists, if we reduce these same rights to our valuable employees. Recently, secretaries have reduced their salaries, and they are within the company of our largest employer. And many more people than those who raise and retain their salaries on their salaries. This injustice must be corrected as soon as possible.

7. The HND Secretary General must be an experienced manager who will know how to manage our assets more efficiently and conduct business more rationally - he must also have such a management contract

The HND must cease to survive only on the basis of the money it collects from its members. We all know that our society has a valuable asset that is poorly managed lately. The income from that property must be much higher. And a journal The journalist can earn some income, not just spend, so it will become a bitter debate about his abolition. What kind of message would I send to my colleagues if I was the first journalist to abolish the printed edition. As the former Croatian counterpart Jelena Berković from the Gong (whom I call a tough one because of the apparent presence of journalism in her blood and heart), HND has missed numerous opportunities offered by European and international funds. Our society does not even make any representations about these competitions. An experienced manager whose salary would depend on the results of his business would have changed that sort of thing.

8. The HND must have free permanent journalistic schooling for novice journalists who will be paid by experienced experienced retired mentors

One of the eternal debates in our society is the issue of introducing license for journalists. This is a question that is irrelevant because it concerns the freedom of speech and the right to information. But if we can not and do not need to introduce licenses, this does not mean we can not continuously educate novice journalists and give them at least some confirmation that they will be more competitive in the labor market with potential employers. There used to be a good habit that all city newsrooms organized newspapers as a kind of admission exam in their queues. This practice is due to the lack of time and money in most of our editorial offices being abolished and the HND should come to a halt. In our retirees we have an inexhaustible pool of knowledge and experience that can not be purchased anywhere. I'm sure the news, radio and television newsrooms would gladly help their ex-counterparts work through HND and have some kind of royalties to increase their retirement and improve their lives. Journalists would get free and invaluable education.

What should the CNB demand from the Parliament, the Government and the Ministries of the Republic of Croatia, the Councils of Electronic Media and Croatian Cities?

9. All Croatian students, and preferably with graduates, provide one year subscription to one Croatian daily and one national weekly of their choice

Young people in Croatia should be encouraged to read the press, which causes the consequent increase of general literacy as well as the greater reading of books, which is why Croatia is at the European bottom. I'm sure Croatian publishers have agreed to offer their young printers a production price if the state subsidizes this subscription and distribution that can be organized by faculties and high schools (if included). HND should actively encourage cooperation and agreement between leading Croatian contractors and the Ministry of Education and Sports Science. Such action would not only save the Croatian press, increase literacy and readiness for reading in our young fellow citizens but save jobs in the newspapers as well as printers and distributors.

10. Part of Hakoma's revenue and internet provider should be split into Croatian commercial websites depending on their readership

Croatia is referring to the Croatian Internet portals and Internet newspapers as a tobacco. They set "excise duty" in the amount of 0.5 as a percentage of their total revenue charged by the Electronic Media Council, although the Council and the State in turn receive nothing. And since they read their mostly free content, they also benefit from Croatian Internet providers and gamers who charge for all mobile subscribers. As we all know, news is more and more often read over smart phones. Internet portals are becoming more and more influential and more and more citizens are the first, and some and only, source of information, and at the same time they are increasingly doing business.

11. Subsidies for local radio stations and television must be at least 50 percent spent on receiving journalists

And the Electronic Media Council and many Croatian cities share subsidies for the work of local radio stations and television. However, not a very small amount of subsidies have the least benefit of journalists, and consequently the citizens who should be well-informed, and the greatest benefit is extracted by the owners of these media. That is why both the Council and the cities and the state should take more account and control in order to subsidize for the employment of unemployed journalists and to improve the material status of already-employed colleagues in these media, all in the benefit of the media's followers. Only an independent and well paid journalist can report well.

12. Subsidies to non-profit internet portals must be at least 70 percent spent on receiving journalists

The explanation for this point can practically be overwritten from the previous one with one essential addition. The cost of producing internet portals is, however, lower than the cost of production on television and radio stations. And all the cities and the Ministry of Culture and the Council of Electronic Media that open such calls should insist less on writing projects and programs, and more on submitting a biography of journalists who would work in these media. The journalists are turned into project managers and planers and test rabbits and subtract the basic capital they have. And that's their name and surname.

13. The HRT should limit and prescribe clear commercial price lists to stop being unfair competition from private television and radio stations

Many private publishers rightly warn of the price damping that Croatia has been doing for years for years, although their revenue from marketing versus total revenue does not make a significant percentage at all. Reducing these revenues would not seriously jeopardize the operations of Croatian Radio Television, but their current policy on advertising prices and the huge discounts they pose threatening the survival of private television and radio stations, and hence the jobs of our colleagues working in these houses. There should also be a question of why colleagues from these houses are not at all active members of this society, and many of these houses do not even have a branch of journalists.

And finally, if you like this program and if you want it to run, it will support tomorrow at the Election Assembly of the HND of that candidate who is ready to continue by Milan Grlović. Remove the R from his last name, meaning all the ugly thing that happened in this company and replace it with letter A for all affirmatively as we can as a society to your fellow citizens and you will know who the right person will best represent your interests.