With the feelings of compassion towards the family of Tomislav Salopek, who today, unique as rarely when we all share in Croatia, yet another feeling is threatening us to persuade us. This is less pleasing than solidarity with a single family from Vrpolje.

The fear threatens us to persuade us, and as much as he has the right to do, we have to get rid of him. It is a feeling that the fanatics who took their lives for Tomorrow's Salopak intended and they hope that after the sadness they will take revenge.

We do not have to give them that sense of satisfaction. This is not the time for misguided petitions in the analyzes as they said, how they did and how they looked like the Prime Minister or the President when they addressed the united United nation.

We have to face the days of sadness in which we must be dignified, and after those days we have to devote ourselves to the real struggle that Croatia is waiting for. And in which we have to be unique as never before. There has been enough anger, sorrow, recklessness and punishment in this country and before this delightful act of our citizen in Egypt.

We have proved countless times as we know how to fight in the wars, but we have not proven hardly ever fighting in peace and freedom. And these struggles are harder than they do at first glance.

We must all learn to fight to create a better standard in the country we live in, to preserve every job we have and to open as many new ones as possible.

We will not succeed if we look constantly in the past and seek guilt for the state in which our state is located, but only if everyone recognizes a man who can be better every day.

In his family, in his workplace and in society. Croatia really has all the predispositions to be better, richer and happier. But such a society and such a state are not only created by its politicians, but by all its citizens.

Croatia is a much safer country for life than the country in which Tomislav Salopek went to feed his family. If the new Tomislav Salopek did not happen, we need to create a country that is economically much stronger from Croatia than it is today. We will not be aided either by military or security services.

And politics. Only entrepreneurs in which we have to stop seeing the thieves, and Croatian workers in whom we have to stop watching the lazy can help us. And if we have bad experiences with each other, we must not lose hope that in Croatia people can become better toward themselves and towards others. We know to be unique in sorrow, but we have to learn to be unique in happiness. Especially a stranger.

We have to appreciate the success of others, and look forward to their happiness. So success and happiness will also come to us.

For Tomislav Salopek there will be mourning in Croatian Catholic and Orthodox churches and Croatian mosques. In the hearts of people who do not believe in that one Lord, who is worshiped as merciful, just and good in all these gods, they will laugh, but they believe that each of us can and should strive for this ideal. Not to reach it, but to get closer to him. And that is the struggle that moves every day again.

This ideal no one of us mortals will ever reach, but how much more and more each day we are struggling to get closer to him, we will get closer to him as a society and come.

And we need to go so far that this country is rich enough that nobody from her has to go anymore to eat herself, daughter, son, brother, sister, mother or father.

They killed us neighbors, friends, father and wife. Our answer to them must be a struggle for a better life in our country. Not in theirs. We owe it not only to himself and to his children, but to the children of Tomislav Salopek.

Our response to the killers and terrorists must be such that we are creating a state from Croatia where the daughter, son and wife of Tomislav Salopak will remain. And where they will be able to live happily. They and all their fellow citizens.