Milan Bandic is an innocent man until the court proves the opposite. The presumption of innocence is one of the fundamental human rights that divides free democratic societies from totalitarian systems.

The case of Milan Bandic, but also earlier cases of Ivan Čehoka and Marine Lovrić Merzel show that we are neither a democratic nor a free country.

To them, this society does not admit the presumption of innocence. Three prosecutors filed charges against them, but the police did not convict them. Nonetheless, they are forbidden to do jobs for which the citizens have chosen them in the elections. Not only are they forbidden to work, they are forbidden to represent an electoral majority (but what I like about this electoral majority) although they are legally innocent as the author of this text or just a born child in Petrova.

They do not perform their duties because there is a suspicion of institutions and media judgments against them. For, again, they did not condemn the courts. Instead, they were convicted by a street or national court (which is probably a milia term for current government).

And there are no worse, dishonest and hypocritical courts than the national courts. The mass never suffers, the mass only lynched.

Like many journalists who have been with Bandic for a long time, and we were often convinced that we caught him with his fingers in the pie. The police and the state attorney did not share our convictions. It has frustrated us so much.

But the frustrations and rage caused by these frustrations are not a reason to give up on a legal, democratic and free state. And in such states and thieves have their rights. If you want, a democratic state of dictatorship is recognized by their rights.

The presumption of innocence means almost nothing without the right to a fair and quick trial and a fair and speedy court process. In the case of Milan Bandic, but also of Ivana Čehoka and Marina Lovrić Merz, we can not speak neither fair, let alone a speedy process.

In the case of Milan Bandic, Uskok does not try to investigate and illuminate the case as soon as possible, rather than deliberately delay it. Investigating the investigation is not for the purpose of justice but for the purpose of politics. Attempting to investigate does not allow Bandić to act politically.

And that is the only purpose for her. The dismissal of the defendant's allegations by the prosecution (only the court in the end decides whether the allegations have been proven), which is only from the stage of the investigation aimed only at the public defiance of the suspect.

The fact that state attorneys who do such things themselves are punished in part or not.

When it comes to a man who has won hundreds of thousands of votes in the elections, imagine what he can do to a much less well-known citizen who will be unlucky on the road to Ranko Ostojić or Zoran Milanovic.

Ivan Čehok and Marina Lovrić Merzel were practically abused for resignation. Those in detention simply could not decide freely because this space and atmosphere did not allow a free will based decision.

And the fact that their judgment on their case has not yet brought any verdict has raised the suspicion that their persecution was politically motivated.

The goal of this text is not to defend the political character and work of Milan Bandic or Ivana Čehoka or Marine Lovrić Merzel. We are writing this text in defense of their human rights. If they have made a mistake, we are the first to get expensive evidence and to be condemned. But by legally prescribed court procedure and with respect, not abuse of process rights.

Detention in Croatia is determined for the purpose of the detention, it is a public secret. The Constitution defines such methods. The fact that in Croatia, poetically speaking, the threat of repetition of a work (how to repeat the acts that the city councilors have to hear them do) does not change in essence.

The police and the Uskok are used for the purpose of scaring, and they are neither a task nor a purpose. And that's also counter-systematic. And for the sake of completeness, there is no justice of selective justice.

This is not justice, but right then is just an excuse to remove an opponent or something else. That is why it was bad to see Miru Lac laughed in front of the family as he handed the car to a leader while the premier chariot from a state plane going to visit his lover.

Croatia is a country full of anger and frustration, but precisely because of these anger and frustration we have to insist on laws and legal order. It is better for us to steal the thief than to close an innocent person.

Speaking of a referendum on marriage, many Croatian leftists and human rights activists cited the famous song of Pastor Martin Niemaller: They came first.

Although Niemoller did not mention homosexuals in his poem by putting the headlines "They first came for the fox! "Croatian human rights fighters wanted to say that the Jews were Fascists 21. century peders. What were the Germans in the thirties, there are homosexuals of the twins.

But the hooligan activists made a mistake and obviously the song did not understand well. How can Croatian homosexuals be what the Neumanns were when Croatian leftists love homosexuals. Neumann did not like ids and that was his strong message.

We need to rebel when the breach of the rights of those people or groups we do not love is started. It is easy to defend those we love or admire.

While Croatian human rights activists guard homosexuals, thieves were taken behind their backs.

Ivan Čehok, Marina Lovric Merzel and Milan Bandić are the first peders to come !!!