It is difficult to be a true sinner in the land of false saints. Nives Celzijus has to learn it painfully every day. Although accustomed to being the devil's whore of our hypocritical society, she herself must have been surprised by the enormous avalanche of malice that began rumbling over social networks as she announced that her Croatian president had been invited to the inauguration.

And if any of the people who had received a vip invitation yesterday, she deserved it.

Nives Celzijus is a member of the Croatian minority who fills the Croatian budget. With a few more exceptions, the rest of the guests were mostly his users. It is very likely that Nives will have this budget, given the amount of its income, above and above the Croatian average.

Shortly thereafter, Nives was there as a woman who, in addition to earning herself and her children, earns her for part of our new president's salary. It is fortunate that Kolinda Grabar Kitarović understands this and it is good that he obviously tries to teach others.

Nives did not deserve an invitation to the inauguration just because he chanted the song of Kolinda. She deserved that call primarily because she was unfairly disenfranchised by the state she did nothing wrong except that she had met the desperate passions of her people. And while the majority deals with the pursuit of guilty, she publicly confesses herself. In the land where it is fingered, it smells of the soul. And because of that it is verbally stoned.

We can not remember any of the bad things Nives has done to this company, but we can do those things that society has done to her. Although he wrote the most widely read book, the award had to be taken out of court. Because organizers were under honor to award their prize to a person like Nives Celsius. Although the prizes are awarded for the most widely read and not the best rated book.

Tajila's lovers, readers, probably listeners.

What kind of person is Nives Celsius?

As far as it is known, he did nothing to anyone. For everything he has, he has run for himself. She was one of the few female footballers who, instead of being taken care of, supported her footballer. Both material and emotional.

This society, however, continues to publicly abuse her father and verbally humiliates, and repeats its words, whore, directly and more often.

And what makes you justify these words? Was it because she was satisfied with many, or perhaps because she rejected many more? Nives Celzijus hates herself with the same passion as she seeks secretly.

Whatever she has shown, Nives Celzijus is a firm and brave woman, and she must have had a bit of a sense of mischief in her account, but it is hard for her all the writings of her last days to be completed without tears in her eyes.

But they already know how to read her children. And that's the biggest tragedy. For if anything is worse than the above: Nives is a caring, responsible and devoted mother. This will tell everyone who knows her, and with the play of the case we have often been able to see children playing with us.

Namely, from all Zagreb's Nives addresses the most visited children's playgrounds in recent years. And they are not as naked as the spots and books for which she and the children are taken care of. There she is like a child.

Now, her still young children can read or hear peers repeating parents' comments that their mother did not deserve to be invited to the inauguration of the first Croatian president. The president who is the mother himself, who built herself and raised her children.

Kolinda knows that this job is as responsible as the one who took over on Sunday. That is why, with the invitation to communion, the most powerful message the President sent was the invitation of Nives Celsius. (and the message is that from this society, like the Prime Minister of Milanovic, as opposed to his foreign colleagues, publicly conceals the children)

Unity does not come by seeking guilty ones but by pleading guilty. Unity is not condemned but forgiveness. Children Nives Celsius can be proud of her mother. It teaches them in their example how to swipe with each other, not the other. And for that in a fake Puritan society it pays a very expensive price.

If, for Nives Celsius these days, a word that starts with K is appropriate, it should be said that a queen was sitting on the chair of the First Presidency on Sunday at the inauguration of the first president.