She is not at the forefront of this town as an expression of the will of most citizens of Zagreb. It is the choice of one man's will. Sandra Švaljek is acting as a mayor only because Milan Bandic has so decided. And about his free choice enough to say that the power of attorney, Sandri Švaljek, was in custody.

The whistle has abandoned his former short-term boss on these days by telling him that he could not count on her as a deputy in any premature mayoral election. In the new elections with him, clear, he does not intend to go. Let alone join his party and the association.

Still, Sandra Svaljek expects from Bandic at the same time that he does not yet resign, so that with the assistance of the Constitutional Court and the police, he will still become a mayor. Namely, as a mayor of Milan Bandić's mayor, he decides to leave this decision to his conscience. What is clear and self-explanatory Sandri Švaljek (or perhaps somebody else) is not the great majority.

What kind of conscience would bring Milan Bandic, regardless of whether you believe he is an angel, a devil or a man, what conscience in all three cases would bring Milan Bandic to power virtually for three years without any means to hand over to Sandri Švaljek.

In the first case he would not do it because he was not the king to delegate the heir and to abolish democracy in the capital. In the second case, he would not do it because the heir did not listen to him. In the third case, he would not do it for both of these reasons.

On the other hand, motives that could incite Milan Bandic's "conscience" not to resign, especially after the deputy has publicly abandoned it, could certainly not be clean.

They could lie in those 15 million that Milan Bandic owes to lawyer Marijan Hanžeković for his freedom. Although Hanzekovic has been known more recently as the owner of the EPH media group and Milan Bandic's lawyer, it should not be forgotten that he and HSLS member are prominent. Although this party has only four of the 51 city representatives, President of the party, Darinko Kosor, behaves like he personally bought Zagreb. She especially likes to publicly patronize Sandra Švaljek.

She, on the other hand, tells the public that the City will be guided by an expert with experts and how to deal with politics and how politics does not mean to engage in politics. And there is no cheaper political demagoguery than when it says the person who would be the mayor. And when he says openly that no elections would come out even though he would be a mayor, he declares himself absolutist as charming and handsome as he speaks.

But nothing but cool behavior showed nothing in Zagreb.

What are its results so far? Only city directors have grown in the city. If they run the state, they keep their balls in the capital. Besides their pay, everything else is cut off. One like the Snow Queen offers a lot, and others, like PBZ's Indoor, do not give anything. The criteria are non-existent.

Actors of the mayor are thinner than ever. Although the city spaces are empty, they are not rented. Not because there is no interest, but nobody signs anything in the city administration for months.

Trams may be driving, but with dangerous dirt tracks. Representatives and politicians are paying for wages and salaries, but for a long time no shovel has touched the plot of a building in Zagreb. People are given donations for burial so the same money is later sought after.

If transparency in making the Zagreb mayor's decision and was in the traces, he has completely disappeared in his vice. Journalists, for example, are so unsuccessfully trying to find out how much the deals with Holding and the City are earned by the Law Firm Hanzekovic and the notary office of his former wife.

It's a business secret, they say. Sandra Švaljek from the city administration and the Holding may be in politics, but introduces secrets. And the biggest secret of all is that it has even reached the list of Milan Bandic.

Is that the secret and the reason why she so confidently expected to become a mayor in the summer and without the vd prefix?

It is no secret that there is a circle of influential and wealthy people in Zagreb who are half-thinking that this state is well-publicized as an unpopular one. Did they get Zagreb for an experiment?

Their field was ideal. Bandic has always been antipathy to Croatian fighters for human rights and democracy. Human rights are not recognized. Police investigations against him and his associates are deliberately delayed as they would not be free to act politically. And they are legally innocent people. But no one is raising a voice against it.

City councilors, who could block this blockade of Zagreb by demolishing the budget, preferred to save their armchairs and parliamentary fees rather than citizens and their interests. They see the future uncertain for everyone, so he assures at least for himself. They voted to vote for the budget, and then began to pre-start before the first snow. Their chairs are safe today, and the city is in no ward. The only man who can break this agony today can not talk about it. Do not defend him but the courts.

Democracy in Zagreb has been sold to the Enlighteners for only 15 million kuna plus an unknown amount for which they will be charged with police assistance.

But at least our mayor will be nice.