- Do not be afraid. Soon you will come to power, so you will get the money! - said today the president of the Croatian Journalist Society Zdenko Duka before pressing the red icon on the display of his cell phone.

And before he interrupted the conversation, we asked him what criteria he led as a commission member of the Ministry of Culture for the allocation of funds to non-profit media.

On Monday, the Ministry of Culture released a list of 42 non-profit "media" that will receive state aid for next year. We've put the media under quotation marks for the simple reason that most of these portals are not media but websites of associations where they report about their activities. Thus, most media will finance the country in the following year with only two themes: national minorities and sexual liberties.

As you've guessed so far, this portal did not get that support. Because we are also dealing with other topics. And we are not surprised that we did not even go to the first round of the national contest that came in forty-two. Although we are the most read of all reported. That was what we were expecting. We have anticipated and prepared to make this text less subjective.

So this time we did not care about it (although we were guilty of not lying) who would be better evaluated than us, but who would be better rated by portal narod.hr in the category we did not compete with. Namely on the portal narod.hr have recently published a very critical text on the work of the Ministry of Culture and their committee and the non-transparent criteria for awarding money. We were interested in whether the Ministry of Culture would "vindicate" this portal on this year's nonprofit media contest.

That is why we have asked for a civil society from Zagreb that is not involved in journalism or has ever been involved in submitting to the Ministry of Culture a fake project in the same category that competed with narod.hr (the one for newly-created sites).

The author of this column was in no more than three hours to print a complete "project of a new media portal". He fought as much as he could, invented an internet domain that was not leased, saying that he was working for journalists who did not work, but whose names were well known to members of the commission to check it out (and to check these journalists would make them informed they did not know what they are talking about - because they really did not know their names were listed in the project).

Mostly, zlatnegodine.info, my retired page has received a better rating from the "expert committee" than narod.hr, a portal that exists and has been working for some time and is issued by an association that, whatever someone thought about it, certainly did not spent only three hours on one night.

That is why I called today "colleague" Duk, to ask him how he could better evaluate my project ignorance than the project sent to him by the association On behalf of the family. Or to be thoroughly precise when Duke began to talk about how he only kept the criteria, and as he did not choose what criteria would be, we asked him directly.

- But by what criteria at all the crap of my application, and I can make this project worth calling crap because I wrote it myself with the intent of being crap, you can give a better rating than the portal narod.hr - we asked several times Duku directly and he just repeated: such were the criteria, I did not choose the criteria.

We asked him what criterion was so poorly rated bitno.net, the most widely read religious portal in Croatia. Although they hold mostly religious questions, neither Duke as chairman of guild can not deny how articles of journalistic profession are in the writing of articles. What can not be said about most of the Web sites that Duke appreciated. And bitno.net is more read than all of them together. As we have written, most of these pages are common websites of associations where they write about their activities. Since writing about journalism itself? Since when is active promotion of certain policies journalism?

The Ministry of Culture calls for a non-profit competition, and distributed money to NGOs, associations of national minorities, feminist and left-wing anarchist associations. We do not think there would be anything smaller swineherds and that money was won by veteran and religious associations. Because, it was money meant for the media. And how many NGOs that have received money "for the work of non-profit media" in their statutes at least mention the words journalist or media?

Even to leave the fact that all 42 associations that have gone to the second round are far left politically colored and engaged, it is difficult to ignore the fact that in the second round, at the expense of journalistic portals, past associations that have no connection journalism. The honor of the exceptions (because the leftists have good journalistic portals), but most of these websites are not journalistic media nor by any criteria. But the leaders of many left-handed associations decided to take advantage of the fact that their close ministry is in charge of culture. There is no need for too much research (although it will continue to work in the next few months in a very detailed way), just a few galleries are enough to see how much more of the same texts are on all these "portals". Dalje.com prompts readers to try to find a website funded by the ministry of culture on the page not at least one text by Viktor Ivancic.

We called Duk to ask him where the pluralism of thinking is one of those famous criteria to be drawn. According to him, pluralism of thought gives support for ten websites promoting the rights of LGBT people and no religious site. According to him, is the pluralism of thought to finance three portals for the Roma minority, but none for Hungary? Or not to be listed below. The criteria upon which the Duke is withdrawn, although partially silent, can not be justified by the Dukas for the ratings he has brought. He is not just one of the seven members of the commission, as he has tried to diminish his role, he is also president of the newspaper guild.

Which criteria did you run? At least, he admitted, when he was tired of getting tired, suddenly interrupted the conversation.

- Stop bothering me. Soon you will come to power, and then you will get the money - the president of the Croatian Journalists' Society closed by not answering the question of who yours are and who ours?

There is no coward but empty balls between the legs, but it is clear enough from his silence.

His are left, and we are then, probably right. It would be arguable about how much further the right portal is, what narod.hr and bitno.net are undoubtedly, but to make it easier for Duki to contend, let us go for the dalje.com to say that the right though I would personally insult you more a hesitant term neoliberal.

Zdenko Duka is president of the Croatian Journalists' Association. Are there only journalists who are left politically oriented? What does it say to you and ours?

Yours may have been organized into a criminal organization that, through numerous affiliated NGOs, draws money from the state budget, but ours do not exist. Colleagues from portal narod.hr and bitno.hr are not personally acquainted and we have not contacted them. We never cooperated with her. This text will be a big surprise to you.

Colleague Duke, I really do not know what yours are, but we do not have to fear them. After all, you've survived all the power and all the systems. There, journalism will almost die in Croatia as a profession, but you will probably be a president or at least a member of the commission.

And for your "work" in this commission, which has nothing to do with Croatia or with Culture, and media coverage, you can only be ashamed.

Get rid of everywhere, just not where you should. In cheeks.

And you and ours do not suffer. Journalists portraying dalje.com would have preferred to have you and the others stopped switching to power. If yours and theirs were finally replaced by a third. You go play your partisans and ustaše in the woods and take off more and one another with our grasshoppers.