Milan Bandic often mentions Zoran Milanovic. They are obsessed with it. A little bit, he remembers it a bit. And he offers advice to solve the problems of the country. And he speaks it as sure as that in all the houses in Zagreb flows water and goes to sewerage.

The mayor of Zagreb warns Prime Minister of Croatia that he would have slept in Slavonia until the flood was withdrawn. And he has been sleeping in Zagreb for decades, so many problems remain unresolved.

Instead of being so much involved with Prime Minister and Croatian, Milan Bandic could start doing a bit with his job and his city. Or at least a small part of it. Let's say, Sopnicom Jelkovec.

Bandic's biggest construction project in the age of fourteen as the head of Zagreb became his biggest fad. Despite the warnings that this will happen, Bandic has built a settlement that turns into the youngest European ghetto. And in which years City has failed to sell apartments.

Until a year ago Milan Bandić and Slobodan Ljubičić Kikaš, the chief contractor, argued that they were not the problem of the apartments they built, but Ivo Čović who did not sell them. But we see how sales does not go far better either.

They nevertheless share advice to solve problems throughout Croatia. Although they can not solve the problem of Sopnica Jelkovec. Which Zagrepčane does not cost anything.

Bandic has successfully created the image of a man who reaches all, but that man who can not get in a 14 year can complete a football stadium. Not with 100 million.

The city administration is bigger than when it was taken over, and the big reform ended with changing the names of some offices, their separation and assembly. In order to reduce employees now, there are more than before. And the administration is more expensive than when it took over.

And if Zagreb is a model for Croatia, which only Bandic and Ljubicic would do with state-owned companies. I guess they would first bundle them all together, then break them apart. And maybe you would not hire a party key, but who would then stay in Runovici and Gruda.

Although it has become a favorite, Milan Bandic has not yet become the mayor of Croatia. For this, national elections should be obtained. And on the last, his list got less than the election threshold. Dalek is a trip of three percent to victory. Whenever he jokes again for Zoran Milanovic, let's remember how much the list he led to the votes was received.

It will be hard to say more that Zoran Milanovic knows what he is doing, but is Bandic the one who should share so many lessons.

Although Milan Zoran Milanovic has often been a bit dirty lately, Milan Bandic has no reason for it. At least according to their own criteria. As he often says, the only true scrutiny for politicians is the election. And all the ballots Milan Bandic had directly run against Zoran Milanovic was honest and smooth. Both party and parliamentary.

So get the elections and then solve the problems of Croatia. Until then, it solves the main problems of the capital. Let's finish the stadium. Or the University. From the ghetto, make a settlement. Let real, and not just fictitious, reduce the number of employees in the city and city businesses. Make the cheap city service. If he really knows, let it show more in Zagreb. Or it's just a story.

And that is the only thing that he has proved to be better than Zoran Milanovic.