By the beginning of the new year, some marketing agencies' inquiries about the number and structure of our visitors have come as well. This way we want to inform our readers and visitors what we inform and agencies. From this year portal gives such information to no one. Readers and their privacy are more important than the interests of potential advertisers about them and their habits. The privacy of the reader is protected on this site. About our readers and visitors this year we collect cookies using only the minimum information needed to make cms function normally and protected from attack and which is mandated by google who indexes us in our searches. But neither google has complete data because not all our pages and listings are included in their indexing. So any indexing will maximize the privacy of the members of our club, which we will re-launch this year. The members of the portal of the portal will be able to become only those persons whose real identity will be checked by the portal editorial office. And only members of the portal portal will soon be able to comment articles on the portal and participate in the discussions on our forum, but provided they do so under full and real name and last name.

We will all make sure that the information we publish is true and duplicate, and also at the cost of a great delay or not publishing news, information, video, and photo material of your potential interest. We believe that you will not be denied this because there is a huge competition on the Internet.

In the hope that you will read us further, we will try to write even more carefully and obediently. With the intent of you, we have never lied or deceived or clicked titles, let alone false information. If we do this unintentionally, receive our sincere apology once more.