Jože Bravara is a standard team. Even though he was a permanent guest, Ivo could not feel the feeling that he did not belong to that night. He had already drank a lot and in his head he was slightly mutilated. People spoke to him, but the voices did not come to him. He felt like a redundant man.

What did you do? drink a little! Well, no one died from the halfway Ivo's loud voice for the fun of the moody Gogi. Had he not even heard him, he would feel it because Gogi liked to follow his words with strong male hugs.

Holding his right-handed mouse Ivy's now bushy head firmly, Gogi squinted with Ivy's hair on his left hand with his left hand.

To the horror of all his friends, since he saw the First Lady as our President, Gogia has become the customary way of greetings.

And while trying to shake his head under Goggy's sweaty armpit, Ivo responded overwhelmingly to thinking about Dostoyevsky.

- Is this what I've been kidding for? - asks Gogi Ivo and not waiting for the answer to go further. He just saw Zoku again in the corner of the inn, and he had only one empty chair at the table.

It was not even that Gogi had a free drink, but he saw that little Bračana and said to himself, "You will not! He came to Gogia fiercely on that thing that little Jauk who had entered the team, and he had never turned around.

Just as Jaak grabbed his arm-chair, Gogi threw himself in front of him as a cascade, placed his background and triumphantly turned his head toward Jawa.

- Thanks! Gogi said scathingly and turned to Zoki. In the first place, he wanted to lick his head, but then he noticed that Gogia had fallen into the wall. Quietly he picked up and went uninterested to the bar.

He came to Ive and Sherpa calling him:

What are you gonna drink?

The ghost of that ghost deeper deeper, and before he came to answer, his pocket waved. What is he now, he thought, because he was just a mistress on the vibri, and she told her she did not mind tonight.

You want to come tonight in Vasion - she lighted the message on the screen. What was Vasion, Ivo typed while Jawa apologized for what he was doing now on the phone.

It does not matter, it's just yours, but do not tell me later that I never asked you, "he murmured all the lucky Eagles running away from the bar.

This is your new club at Bundek. The owner has good connections to the police and they can only work in the city all night, again lit up at the jaw.

I do not know if I will arrive, I promised another team that I would come and visit them too. I'm getting over to you - I'll go back fast.

All right, just do not think I'm waiting for you all night. Or this will wait for you - a new message arrives, and then MMS.

I pressed on the Pikèr icon when she felt someone's hand on the shoulder and somebody's head next to her. Gogi did not think again, thought Ivo and turned his head and saw the eyes wide open.

Zoka stared wide open in his ear. Ivo quickly looked back at the screen and realized that the picture was loading.

He blushed and flushed his phone faster in his pocket. But it was over.

Zoka started screaming with laughter.

-Hahahaha, did you know who the biggest fuck is between us? Look! See !!! Zoka did not allow her to leave the cell phone. He held it firmly to the wrist of his arm, holding a compromising screen and waving his trophy with his hand in the air.

See! See! Zoka switched to her voice, while Ivo lost the last remaining color in her cheeks. Only then did he need to be somewhere in this crowd and Miles. Joža Bravar changes the owner the next day and the old boss has invited all the regular guests to the farewell party.

Ivo started to rotate his head panicked, and when he had almost made a 360-headed rug, he saw well-known eyes at the table near the door. Only women were sitting at her desk, all laughing at him as she watched Zoku still staring at the bar chair, pointing to the traitor's screen.

She was silent. Like him, and her color disappeared from her cheeks. She opened her mouth and her lips began to shake as if they were suppressing. Eyes dirty and full of questions.

She immediately went through her head all she talked to her last night: With the woman, you're the only one. I promise you, I will leave her soon. Those words passed through her head as she watched the pain fill her eyes. He could not withstand it. And he fucked.

He squeezed his hand out of Zokine and roughly pushed it away. There was a tajac in the inn. Ivo lost. He started to groan. Uncontrolled. He was all offended, and most Zoki. There was nothing that had been stifling for years. He is better than all of them, especially the Zoke inflate that behaves like a team leader. He left for such a few minutes or an hour, he did not even know, but Ivo finally dropped everything out of his mind.

When he finished and calmed he looked around at him. The initial confusion began to change the expressions of anger and disgust. Ivo quickly grabbed the coat and pulled out of the shame.

He ran to the first city hall and leaned back to the corner of the residential building. He raised his head and sighed deeply to come to himself. As he was angry, he realized what he was doing. He wondered if the team would ever forgive him. The worst thing was that he could not remember everything he had spoken to them. Well, we were all drunk, they probably will not remember, too, and he began to comfort, and then Mila fell to his mind again. He could no longer be alone and urgently needed society.

He remembered the teams from the Occult. They've always been a favorite for rolling, but the team from Joa Bravara has been more useful for a career. It was not long there, but that's probably the reason I go there now, thought Ivo and ran so fast to the Alkultra as if to run away from it.

And in Alkristuri only Purple and Purple. Ivo remains overreacted. This was once one of the most popular places in town and now only two drinkers on the bar. There was not even a present owner or even a waitress of Srećko anywhere. Viola turned to one side with one hand, and with the other hand, with his hand in his hand, Vaki was scared by the pictures of a Mufa. He is defending himself as overly reputable for such sites and turning his head with a nausea. Violet of luck screams and forcefully pushes the screen in front of her face. They did not even notice Iva in drunken tensions.

He asks them where he is.

- Vesna went to a gentleman club. It was free for her to have a place around the bar, even though she would prefer to be a secretary - she tries to explain the frustrating language. More and more, she is struggling to defend her from the now-open love pleasures of a drunk friend.

I do not understand, I'll be confused.

- Well, it's ruined. New owner comes tomorrow. She was a farewell party, but we only came to the two of us. So then she and Srecko went to the houses and left us the keys. Stay with us. This will be our best night in life. We can drink as much as we want, and the accounts will never come in - more fervently than talking, Viola explained to him, as Vaki tried to draw him to his wing.

Ivo deliberately removed Vakija's hand, which began to fall behind her and kindly apologized for moving on.

He walked out and sat down on the chair in the corner of the covered terrace. The innkeeper's doors were still open, and the drunken cica Viola and the Vakija occasional vapors came in. Do not!

Ivo took the phone and opened that bloody message that destroyed her life. He whispered: Where are you now? and squeezed it off.

She stared at the screen waiting for the answer. She does not know when and how she has fallen asleep. The annoying Miki was awakened by him.

-Profession what are you doing here? - Ivo well-known face of the most famous city picker bottle. Miki was a city legend and a mystery. It was fascinating to see Mikija across the city with at least two full black bags full of plastic bottles. He wondered whether Ivo would sleep this man ever and come to see only the old bicycle of distant parts of the city.

What are you doing, Miki? Well there are no plastic bottles, only packagings - I was happy to let him laugh at something after a crazy drink night. Only then did he notice that Miki had no bags in his hands. He kept one of the wooden boards in one and in the other hammer.

And where are those bags? Well, you did not really give up on work? Or you've changed your career - a little Ivo Ieep down Mikija.

-My professors, I've gotten enough of them. I hired this local and that inn at Joze Bravara if you heard of it. There will be a nightclub here, and there's a restaurant there. I've already arranged with all the taxi drivers to bring me the customers. And you are always welcome - proudly say Miki, looking down at what I could climb to replace the signature of the Beggars.

Ivo was confused coming out of the yard in the fresh morning of Zagreb. The screen returns to the screen. Now he was thinking of answering, thought Ivo, and patted his finger on the screen to see what he wrote.

OUT OF COUPLE NON JEBAČA lighted up to him.