The City Office for Culture has approved a half-million-kuna disbursement to co-finance the production of the film about the water polo runner Ratko Rudic. The payment conclusion was approved by 23. January this year, and money will be paid to companies owned by director Dejan Aćimovic who will film and direct.

-Yesday DA filed an application to co-finance the production of the film about Ratko Rudic. The director of the film is Dejan Aćimović, who is an internationally proven director, and especially his sport-documentary film "The King". Ratko Rudić is one of the most accomplished coaches in the world and one of the most prominent Croatian sports experts in history. As a player, Rudić won almost every possible medal in his 20-year career and was even more successful as a water polo coach and achieved a unique success in sports history by winning three gold medals with three different national teams. With numerous awards and awards from 2007. was included in the International House of Fame, the "Hall of Fame" of Swimwear. The movie will host numerous world sports legends - explains the decision of the mayor Milan Bandic.