By special act of Mayor Milan Bandić he was awarded the last Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to Budimir Lončar 25. January Medal of the City of Zagreb "for outstanding accomplishments and a significant contribution to the international cooperation of the Republic of Croatia and other EU member states".

Although the well-known Yugoslav communist official was remembered as the politician who worst advocated for preserving the integrity of the former SFRY and the introduction of embargo on the import of weapons to a newly formed Croatian state, in which he succeeded, Bandic did not mention this "success" in his explanation of the decision.

Bandic's biography of Bude Lončar begins only for 2000. years.

-Budimir Loncar is honored by a Croatian politician and diplomat. From 2000. he did the work of adviser to the President of the Republic of Croatia, Stjepan Mesic, after which he was appointed President of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic for Foreign Policy and International Relations. President of the Diplomatic Council of the High School of International Relations and Diplomacy in Zagreb. He has performed and still performs various international duties. Eg. participated in the work of 35 regular and most special sessions of the UN General Assembly and in the establishment and activities of the Non-Aligned Movement. One of the founders of the Kvadrilater - Austria, Italy, Hungary, former Yugoslavia, then the Pentagon, today known as the Central European Initiative, SEI - explains the decision of the mayor of Zagreb who gives this award in accordance with his discretion and understanding of history.

We would only recall that Budimir Loncar was the entire Homeland War, in which Croatian defenders against the most powerful army were fighting and his armies were lower armed in New York. Milan Bandic had spent that war in Peščenica where, in his own words, he defended his visit to Arkan's friend and one of the main logistics personnel of Dragana Marković's Occupation Army to Palme Zagreb at a press conference, "wearing his life and head in a bag." Those less likely than Milan Bandic could think that in these war nineties life and head in the bags were worn on the eastern and southern races of Peščenica where Bandic worked in the League of Communists of Croatia.