In this column and on these internet newspapers, I unequivocally argued with the Croatian educational system, and once I was openly confronted with my son's teacher, even though I did not name him.

Now I'm going to blame a teacher with my name and family name, but to express my happiness and pleasure as my younger daughter.

Ivana Horvat of 4.c Vrbani Primary School in Zagreb should take the title of Croatian Speaker if such title in this country is still awarded and if such titles are still in store for us.

And it would take if we came to our country and still care about the future. And it is not just about those titles and educational reforms that are more than real. Concrete steps should finally be taken. And there is no more concrete step and better rewards than Ivana Horvat and all Ivana Horvat Croatia to increase salaries. Well, that was what my son taught me when I wrote that text I mentioned, in which I criticized his teacher.

- Dad, I think she and all the other teachers would be happier, and then better for us if they had higher salaries. I have heard that those in Croatia are very small, and somewhere I read on the internet that in Finland the highest salaries have just teachers - the son defended my teachers before me even though I know that he was not too pleased with them either. But the child did not forget what his old man had forgotten: for their bad work and dissatisfaction they had a good reason.

Ivana Horvat, with some miracle, managed to overcome this dissatisfaction that would be justified. It is my daughter and her school colleagues and colleagues who I answer, teach and educate in a better way than the teachers from Finland raise and educate Finnish students.

To be so good a teacher, Ivan Horvat must do heroic works every day. While we are at home in front of our children as their heavy school bags and all the nonsensical, illogical tasks, lessons and bad stories in them, she writes to publishers and responsible ones. And pray for these changes.

As we turn our head to the problem of the other family's door, Ivana Horvat struggles to keep every child in her class, no matter what "the child was doing to our children". Because, Ivan Horvat understands that there are no problem children. But there are, unfortunately, problematic parents and a cruel and cruel system that will abuse abusive children to care for others.

While we will sleep peacefully protected by the sound-proof walls of our apartments of what is happening to our neighbors, Ivan Horvat will hear the cry of every child. And she will not sleep. It's going to be a night thinking of thinking of taking this "troublesome" child to a school trip with his friends.

For, let's repeat once more. Ivana Horvat knows what adults we often forget. No problem children. There are only problematic parents, bad health and social systems, and deaf neighbors. Children are all beautiful, dear and brilliant, and such parents, such a system and such neighbors can only be defended by screaming, crying, and possibly infamous children's fists. In any case, children can never hurt us as much as we can adults. We should all have learned it long ago. And once forever remember it. But it is difficult to apply that lesson on a daily basis. At least for us adults. And there are the kids brave and honest. Children and Ivana Horvat.

I and the parents of the children of 4.c of Primary School Vrbani in Zagreb have such great happiness that children spend a lot of time in company Ivane Horvat. To teach them and to raise them, even when we fix it.

How would she endure in her call because the call is what she is doing, not the job, we need to help her as much as we can. With less dangers and critiques, and more support. Not just nice words, but also concrete parts.

I will propose Ivan Horvat and Pride of Croatia as the organizer of this reward is my journalist teacher, and this is a good excuse to call him coffee and to find a good goal for a bad Croatian habit to pull off a relationship.

And I will try to talk in every conversation or interview with our politicians when will Croatian teachers increase salaries.

I can not save school only heroes like Ivan Horvat, but happy and happy people who share brochures with her. And as the boy recalled to me, bigger salary is the first and the basic prerequisite for our teachers to be happier and happier. That is where every reform begins. So then we can talk about a curriculum and smaller school bags.

Because my daughter is about to finish fourth grade soon and Ivana Horvat will no longer be a teacher. And I know that heroes can not be many because otherwise they would not be called heroes and the word hero would not make any sense. Heroes, or in this case, heroines are people who are better, stronger and brighter than the average.

I apologize for heroin Ivana Horvat, who was so mysterious to my child. And if he can, let him endure working with the children. If we do not deserve it, our children deserve it. She is the best reward they would like.

And with all the rewards and better working conditions, I want good health and a happy life. God knows what he deserves.

(PS The introductory picture of this text is from the author because the heroine of the text did not ask for permission to write it. Her picture is much nicer)