By the Mayor of Milan Bandic, City of Zagreb took the 10 annual lease from the Brimus 498.34 square meter business space in the building at the crossing of Podaupski and Zavrtnica streets at a price of 57 480 kuna plus VAT which ultimately amounts to 8,167 million kuna.

The owner of the Brimus company is Branislav Brizar, whose other company Ing-pal Grad Zagreb and last year rented out business premises for the needs of the Goljak Elementary School. At that time, City of Zagreb took 10 annual rent for 778 square meters of business space in Banjavčićeva street 16 at a price of 82 500 kuna per month plus VAT. The total amount will then be paid by Brizar's companies for the needs of Goljak Zagrepčane to cost over 20 million kuna, and after these 10 years the Goljak Elementary School will not continue to have its own building as many mayor Milan Bandić promised.

Before moving into Brizar's business premises he was converted to school, around 130 users of special needs students for many years used inadequate and expensive prefabricated barracks in Rudeš, home address at Goljak 2 and Naxica street 5.

Parents have long complained of inhumane conditions in which their children had been educated, and the mayor promised that a new school would be built at the site of the expansive buildings on Goljak 2.

When they were part of their students from Korenica 2017. year move to the new 778 square meters in Banjavčić's, similar promise was given by the head of education and education Ivica Lovrić, saying that a new school will be built in Rudeš as soon as property law deals are resolved.

Property legal affairs have apparently not been solved since then because Mayor Bandic presented Lovrić's proposal last year in November in the Večernji List Call for Expression of Interest to lease a business object for the purpose of the Goljak Education Center in the City of Zagreb. Bids were collected for only fifteen days, and Brimus reported as the only bidder.

In the explanation of the decision accepting the binding offer of the company Brimus it is stated that the space allocated in the Našica 5 Education Center "Goljak" maintained and repaired according to the needs of users, but due to limited spatial conditions it is increasingly difficult to organize the work at the specified location.
-The ground floor is inadequate space that can not warm up sufficiently in winter, and temperatures are inadequate during the summer.
Furthermore, the basement space intended for recreation of children does not have adequate access.
Every year there is a tendency to increase the number of pupils in the program that encompasses users to 21. Therefore, the space no longer meets the conditions prescribed by the National Pedagogical Standard of Primary Education System (Official Gazette 63 / 08 and 90 / 10.
Also the subject area does not have a usage permit - it is described in the explanation of Milan Bandic's Mayor's decision the state of space in Naxico 5, which he assigned to 2007 years. Namely, this space, which has no occupancy permit, and which is allocated by the school for use, is owned by the City of Zagreb.

Branislav Brizar, a builder, became known to the general public when he publicly accused his wife Anka Mrak Taritaš for a few years now that he had to pay money for decorating a private apartment. Somewhere at the same time as he came into conflict with a politician who nearly swapped Bandic in the second round of the last elections for the Mayor of Zagreb, Brizara went on business with the winner of those elections. The parents, students and teachers of the Elementary School Goljak will not be building their building for at least 10 years. It will still work on three addresses. They're not the only one.

Bandic was the 2017 of the year when he hired the first premises of Brizara and for Basic School Alojzije Stepinac took 10's annual lease of business offices. Bandic hired this office from Zagrebgradnja, a company that caused him no political problems when years ago water problems were unsuitable for drinking in the same town. But Bandic is the investor of most of the buildings at Vrbani 3 that he has so far forgiven. Otherwise Bandic USKOK accused in his indictment that he owned two apartments from his co-owner. Mayor in his defense deny it.

The Vrbani School, which needed extra facilities, was one of the newest schools in Zagreb, built seven years ago during Milan's mandate. The new school and kindergarten in the new settlement Vrbani 3 cost Zagreb taxpayers 60 million kuna. However, urbanists in the City of Zagreb have wrongly estimated how many children will be in a new urban settlement, so new schools will have to be built in the newly built school, which will cost the citizens of this city another half of that amount. But when the tenancy expires after ten years, this problem for that school will not be permanently solved. Unless parents with children leave or new children are born in the village. Maybe this is counted by Ivica Lovric and Milan Bandic.