Among the few good things that we will remember about this congregation of the City Assembly is one big one. For the first time, the city attorney was also a Rom, or Romkinja.

And not Nura Ismailovski came to the Upper Town as a representative of national minorities, but as a city representative from the SDP list. That's how he behaved.

Nura was not in the Assembly what, for example, was Milorad Pupovac in the Parliament. She is not a professor of her nationality. She does not hide that she is a Romani, but she does not allow it to be more than a graduate of the pharmacist and SDP or, for this story and most importantly, the rights of Zagreb.

It is not that she did not fight for the better position of the Roma in this city (after all, thanks to her and the historic declaration of her rights at the last session), but she did not just do it and did not deal with those issues alone.

And he would have every right and more reasons than Pupovac to do so. For if any minority in the Republic of Croatia can say for themselves that they are treated as citizens of the second order, then they are Roma. In the prejudices against them, both Croats and Serbs will be both brothers and sisters. But it is not even better in the rest of Europe. At least this is not the case for the West.

Throughout Europe, we deprived them of their liberty and then they were surprised not to be happy in the ghettos. We took them with the highest cost of life to be as close to us. The proud nomads with horses and tents have turned to mud masters in settlements without electricity, water and hope.

With them we are scared of their children while they are being taken out of school. And then we shudder when we see them at the crossroads as they walk as soon as they turn red. Every now and then I've been working a story about children of beggars. The police and the social service have told me unofficially that there is no story.

- You have no children at all on the road, only adults and "Gypsy" - "taught me". When I told them that "the Gypsies were children" they replied to me, and where would they go with them?

When I asked them what to do with the other children their parents abandoned or abused, they replied that "getting homes for uninhabited children does not make sense because they are out there anyway". For years, the Zagreb police have been aware of one house in Međimurje where children in BMW and Mercedes are spreading every morning on the streets of Zagreb. Most children are not affiliated with their drivers, but the police do nothing to save them because "where to go with them". And then we will be annoyed when these children become childrens drivers as if they ever had the right to a different destiny.

Every journalist dreams of a story she wants to make. And to each of us, that dream is different. Someone wished to make an interview with Obama, and somebody with Castro. Someone would like to write a big report, and somebody would spell out a major corruption affair. And I, before I saw the first photograph of Damjan Tadic, I dream of making a story about the niggas with him. I would write that story without him, but only with him the story would be complete. Because Damjan has a rare gift to make feelings on the face, not just the lines. And the absolute freedom that exists in this world only in the mists is all written on the faces of the clergymen.

I was always interested in how people without documents so easily cross the borders and why their children are always smiling and happy even though they have neither countries nor states. It intrigues the lives of these people who travel to travel rather than arrive somewhere. But most of all, I'm interested in how they look at us who want to take the liberty instead of wanting to join them in life without banks. It is paradoxical that the European chambers disappeared as the boundaries disappeared. There is a few customs officers, but more police, places and roads that can not be hired. So if I ever write that story and write it, it will probably be called "Last Chaser".

This is what I mention with the socks because, as the "pre-election" campaign is "grumbling", that dream becomes more and more common. Every day, at least a couple of times I want to have my spikes take me somewhere through June.

Then Damjan and me return to the city where Nura will again be a representative. But not because she is a Romany. Or because she's a woman. But because he was all honored and diligent.

And just for that.

We can learn a lot from the niches. They never discriminated against anyone. Although the 12 century has been persecuted throughout Europe, hatred has not returned. Moreover, they have received those who would have rejected or who would approach them because they liked their way of life. They did not refuse or dismiss someone because of a different color of skin, religion or language. Anyway, and how? No faith is dominated by them, and for their own nation in their language they do not even have names. The word Rom does not mean the same in Croatian as in Romani. While in Croatian this is a decent word for Gypsies, in Romani language it is a word for man.

And Nura showed up as a great Rom. And according to us gadgets.