For the development of democracy you need a generation born of innocent. This sentence was told by the New York Times columnist Bill Keller to the Russians, but as if intended for us Croats. The innocent generation, as Keller speaks, are people who are old enough to experience themselves more than the world offers, too young to lack the conscientious conformism of the Soviet (or in our Yugoslav) era and the young to be afraid. The innocent generation is not afraid of freedom, regardless of the insecurity that this freedom inevitably carries.

But Croatia, even though 20 is a formal democracy, does not allow its children to develop the innocence Keller speaks of. In Croatia, freedom of expression and democracy are interpreted and implemented by former Communists. In other words, totalitarians. Totalitarians strive for a safe and simple world. In their world there is only one truth and there is always only one right path. Sometimes they believed they had no other way to the socialist, and today they believe that there is no other way to unionist. One economic association has come to us at the level of the deity. And deities do not ask and they are not doubted. As North Koreans do not really suspect that the sun was crying when the beloved leader died of great concern. Communist dogmas have replaced our former comrades with Eurodogs and become gentlemen.

And now, our ruling gentleman, who thinks it is democratic only because the Party has been divided into several parties, assures Croats that we will end up in the dark without the European Union. The darkness of the same Balkans that they had all long ago "was wonderful and well-placed". Generations who have been released on 50 years in exchange for the conformism of totalitarian societies are looking to be like them. Let's understand the choices as a process where only one decision is right. Our freedom frightens them. And in that fear they built a second gold coin on their own. And they are asking us to donate him all uncritically. And they seek freedom to drop again and all those who have made up for us forget or take back. As a sacrifice for a golden coat.

Croatia into the European Union pushes a generation that is not used to being free and not being raised to be free. For freedom is not just a legal category. Freedom is taught, lived and kept day by day. No constitution or laws can afford us unless we are willing to accept it. And without freedom there is no real choice. It is therefore unimportant what the European Union is as an association. Croatia did not grow up sufficiently in democracy to know its free to decide. Croatia still has not enough voters who are free and born innocent. Croatia, unfortunately, is not yet democratic for ages.

And as juveniles do not allow marriage, because they are not grown enough to understand all the consequences of their decision, so democracy should not allow the juveniles to give up the small part of their freedom. While Croatian democracy does not become adult, all people who respect freedom should vote against her marriage to other European states. Because, in such a marriage today, we would be unequal. Most European countries, however, are democratically adult. The Union has to look at it differently, talk about it differently and nobody is better or worse for that. In other European countries, the Union is thirdly accessible. Every European country negotiated with the Union. Only Croatia prayed. If Croatia negotiates with the European Union, it is one of the biggest deception of our politicians. So what were the negotiations we were giving in, and we did not ask for anything in return? What do we get from the Union except for a regular entry permit? And at the end of the party.

So vote against Croatia's entry into the European Union. Allow the Elder to leave Croatia alone at least until the day the Croatian innocent generation does not become full-time. Allow to become an adult at least all the children of the killed Croatian war veterans. Let the fate of Croatia decide for the young people who have paid the highest price for their freedom. We have never asked these children whether they are willing to pay for the independence of Croatia to the lives of their fathers and mothers. That is why we should not give up on this independence, unless we ask the youngest of them. We owe them so much. Croatia's decision to join the European Union should be our future rather than the past.