Tomislav Stojak

- When the old and overwhelmed object of Goljak was thrown at Rudeš, the responsible people of the city promised to build a new facility for the needs of Goljak's students. Obviously now that this was not true, it is obvious that they knew at the time that they would not build a city facility, but the plan was different - commented the city's representative Tomislav Stojak (HNS) Bandic's new practice not to build new schools in Zagreb already rents expensive office space for which we wrote yesterday.

- And this is not the first time, and in your text you remind yourself of the lease of private space for the needs of elementary school and kindergarten at Vrbani III, where we will pay a private company 50 million kuna rent space in the next 10 years! - added Stojak and recalled:

- I warned the Assembly and the public for months, unfortunately the majority in the last mandate of the City Assembly endorsed such an arrangement, where after ten years of spent 50 millions and so on, we will not have a city school facility! The pompous announcements of building 10 + 10 + 10 (school, hall, kindergarten) turned into rent from a private owner! And every year the city is in debt for approx. 250 million for the construction of social facilities! Why? For whom? - concludes Stojak with a rhetorical question to which we all know less. But let's make us unhappy.

Yesterday for a comment this case asked the representatives of other party clubs from the opposition, but the answers are still waiting. When and when they arrive, we will also publish them.