Mayor Milan Bandić does not stop removing the former head of culture for Anu Lederer from all the functions he has been in the City Administration since he was politically divorced with its Independent Party for Croatia.

Thus, by the previous day, by the Act of Mayor, he also dismissed the duties of the President of the Zagreb Negotiating Committee for the conclusion of IV. Appendix to the Collective Agreement for Employees in Cultural Institutions of the City of Zagreb.

But that same day, he made a decision to accept the patronage of a patriotic film festival named after his late wife, Gordan Lederer, the legendary warrior who died while braving his call.

  • The Association of Croatian Volunteers of the Homeland War of the City of Zaprešić sent the Mayor of the City of Zagreb a request for the patronage of the Festival of Patriotic Film Gordan Lederer. The aim of the event is to educate elementary and high school children through documentary and feature films about the Homeland War. In addition to the defense attorneys, the project includes the Artistic Judicial Council, consisting of the following: Academic Prof. Dr. sc. Marko Samardžija, directors Jakov Sedlar and Obrad Kosovac, writers Hrvoje Hitrec and Nenad Piskač, general Rudi Stipčić and historian Ivan Samardžija. The festival will be held in July 2019 - writes in explanation of the decision by Milan Bandic accepting the patronage of the City of Zagreb over the festival.

It is a real shame that Ana Lederer, as Zagreb's head of culture, will not appear at the festival as an envoy of the City of Zagreb.

Bandic to the anger of firing his wife over the law, and his late colleague in honor of the introductory image let this text outweigh his war recordings. Because of which he was killed. As a model for all of us to do this job fairly, freely and without fear. If he did not step back from bullets, snipers, and grenades, why would I be scared by Baha'i political sheriffs who have lost any sense of shame?